Protective Film



  • Protect product
  • Deliver product information or image


  • Protect the surface of product from scratches
  • Enhance product's visual effects
  • Provide consumers with an impressive unboxing experience

Success Stories: HTC Colorful Protective Film


  • The middle of the packaging box was hollow, so consumers can look through the protective film and see the product. Customer hoped to add a colorful screen print on the protective film to highlight the product feature.


  • Colorful protective film can exquisitely present mobilephone's real screen display and attract consumers' attention to boost purchase intent.
  • After several adjustments, the effect of colorful screen print was excellent on the mobilephone. It's colorful, with great shading and the printing was meticulous, so customer was extremely satisfied.

Success Stories: HTC Color All-Cover Protective Film


  • Customer had the idea of color all-cover protective film before, but the letterpress printing couldn't print out the details and the yield rate was too low and cost too high, so the customer had to give up this design; however, Cymmetrik successfully make customer's idea come true and even beyond customer's expectation.


  • Using the feature of batch offset printing press to print simulated screen and words and utilized shadows to create stereoscopy on the robot, which made consumer understand more about product features.
  • With precise printing technique and skill, we succefully overcame the difficulty to meet customer's need, and smoothly went into mass production.

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