RFID Solutions

Cymmetrik has intimate working relationships with major global RFID players, both upstream and downstream.  Boasting the most comprehensive ecosystem of all RFID suppliers, it offers one-stop service that ranges from labels and hardware facilities to software and after-sale services.  In addition, Cymmetrik possesses unrivaled printing experience and comprehensive production processes.  Through its structural design assistance program, Cymmetrik can help its customers assimilate RFID into existing products or labels, giving such products tremendous advantages in both function and beauty.

Labels: Superb Functionality, Great Looks

As the Asia-Pacific Region's Agent for Smartrac, a major RFID inlay provider, Cymmetrik offers a complete inlay product line and can always suggest suitable specifications for the customer's application. 


Cymmetrik also possesses complete processing capabilities and can provided end-to-end servicing, from printing, label application, code registration, to inspection.  Cymmetrik helps its customers integrate RFID inlays into their existing labels and ensure that RFID functions work as planned—all without affecting product aesthetics and design.

Facilities: Perfectly Suitable to All Types of Applications

Cymmetrik works closely with major global firms like Zebra and Sato to ensure that its RFID production facilities are ready for everything.  From fixed facilities and hand-held equipment to online printers, Cymmetrik provides multiple models for flexible selection.  To ensure optimal compatibility and smooth operation for each customer's purchased equipment, Cymmetrik also provides professional configuration recommendation and superlative after-sales service.

Software: Tailor-Made to Meet All Requirements

Cymmetrik develops custom connection software based on each customer's needs and chosen equipment configuration, facilitating a smooth, painless connection to the customer's existing database and/or application system.  The connection software can organize and analyze the RFID data it acquires as specified by the customer, and ensure data usability while minimizing system load.

Tracking and Tracing

  • Use UID to track where each product goes. Very useful for enquiries and enables you to quickly grab ahold of the situation, especially when incidents arise.


  • Use UHF RFID's ability to read multiple passive RFID tags at once and vastly improve inventory efficiency and accuracy.

Brand Loyalty Applications

  • Through Apps and NFC, brands can skip middlemen organizations, directly interact with consumers, closely follow consumer preferences, and effectively cultivating brand loyalty.

Customer Service Stories

Smart tag teabags

Automatically identify optimal steeping techniques for various teas

Inventory Management

Effortless system connection, one second inventory completion.

Confidential sample control

Factory sample circulation supervision


Cymsiotek specializes in IOT Solutions in terms of RFID and QR Code. Leveraging Unique ID(UID) or Auto ID, RFID Solutions can assist enterprise with several aspects including Asset Tracking, Authentication, Near Field Communication, Item-Level Tracking, Inventory Accuracy, and Brand Protection & Security. QR Code Solutions, leveraging our proprietary platform, can bridge a unique connection between consumer and brand delivering an exclusive user experience especially in product marketing. 

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