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ECG Hydrogel Pads

The hydrogel, designed specifically for measuring biopotential signals, is used mostly for wearable electronic medical devices. Often processed into diagnostic electrodes of various sorts, it sticks to the skin surface and captures biopotential signals that form the basis of ECG, EEG, and EMG diagrams.
Our hydrogel is developed in-house and reliably transfers electrical activities while maintaining hypoallergic and low-irritation properties. To better meet various processing needs, we offer it in two forms: UV-cured hydrogel and coated hydrogel.  We can adjust our hydrogel’s electroconductivity, adhesiveness, and stiffness. We can also switch substrates and/or padding material.
By varying the hydrogel formulation and using different material combinations, we can also create other types of gel-based products, such as topical drug delivery patches, dressing materials, beauty mask materials, and so forth.

ECG Electrode Pads and Electrode Print Processing

Cymmetrik offers a smorgasbord of manufacturing and processing services for disposable electrodes, including foam cutting and shaping, pad cutting and shaping, adhesive application, foam pad release liner graphics printing, hydrogel shape forming, electrode printing, multilayer laminating, assembly processing, outer package printing, and so forth.


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