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With labels that do so much more, digital printing from Cymmetrik brings your product endless possibilities.

With unique QR Codes on every label and the power of cloud platforms, any product can bring on in-depth, one-on-one consumer interaction, bring in big data, and bring forth better marketing strategies

Unique ID, One and Only

Unique Identification (UID)
By combining digital printing's flexibility and variability with a safe, reliable encryption system and strict end-to-end verification, every label gets a unique serial number and QR Code, giving each product a personal ID that never gets reused.

Beautiful Picture or QR Code? Now, It's Both!

Visual Code™ Labels
Visual Code™ turns any picture into a beautiful, attractive QR Code! Never againruin your packaging's perfect style with an ugly, black QR Code!
Visual Code™ labels are patented and exclusively Cymmetrik printed, not available elsewhere in the world! They scan beautifully and work great with every code scanning app.

Connect to a Cloud Platform, Take up Holistic Marketing

Just one label easily connects your brand to your consumers. Get them to know and want your products!  Give them the total experience, from purchasing products to sharing experiences to loyalty programs!  Visualize consumer data, track and manage customer information, and ride future trends.

Assimilate Big Data, Push Sales to the Top

UID Cloud Platform
Through integration with systems and platforms created by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), UID helps you meet a wide variety of needs, including anti-counterfeit, source-tracing, sales, and inventory management.  Experience in-depth, one-on-one interaction with consumers and create meaningful relationships between consumer and brand.
As consumers leave footprints through code scanning, the brand vendor can obtain information in real time and get a picture of its brick-and-mortar customers.  It can maintain a consumer database, analyze the information inside, and build big data on consumption.

UID's Diverse Applications

Realize Zero-Distance Communication

  • Through scanning QR Codes on labels, consumers can quickly participate in promotional activities and experience better customer service, while vendors can save on organizational efforts massively.

Eat Safe with Source-Traceable Foods

  • Through QR Coded product history, consumers can quickly obtain product information like where and when it was harvested or made—and easily manage food safety.

Easily Scan for Immediate Counterfeit Detection

  • Just a quick scan will tell whether something is counterfeit. It's simple to do and can greatly reduce risks from counterfeit- touting unscrupulous vendors.

Customize Product Packaging Appearances for the Age of Personalization

Meeting demands from New Age consumers with increasing appetites for uniqueness and exclusivity, digital printing provides a one-and-only solution—customized packaging—that'll make any product more outstanding.

One Pattern, Infinite Variations

Variable Data Printing (VDP)
Leveraging digital printing’s ability to bypass platemaking, VDP uses custom software to print unique variations (in shape or coloring) of distinctive patterns, as requested by the client.  Results become topics of conversation and attract consumer attention.

Easily Create Exclusive Product Packaging, Customized to Anybody

Web to Print (W2P)
Make it easy to take part in your sales campaign.  With a smooth, easy-to-use web portal, consumers can upload pictures with a click, edit text, and preview live—all in one smooth flow—for their personalized, exclusive product packaging!  Be it a personal memento or something sentimental, W2P makes it pronto!

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Cymsiotek specializes in IOT Solutions in terms of RFID and QR Code. Leveraging Unique ID(UID) or Auto ID, RFID Solutions can assist enterprise with several aspects including Asset Tracking, Authentication, Near Field Communication, Item-Level Tracking, Inventory Accuracy, and Brand Protection & Security. QR Code Solutions, leveraging our proprietary platform, can bridge a unique connection between consumer and brand delivering an exclusive user experience especially in product marketing. 

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