Low Carbon Long Rollable FPC

Adopted the dry-etching process that is rare in the industry, compared to general FPC processes, carbon emissions can be reduced by at least 80% during the manufacturing process of Cymmetrik circuit boards, and there is 0% water pollution, contributing towards environmental friendliness. There is no need to start the new mask and tooling, it has the flexible advantages of rapid prototyping and design changes, and ultra-long size applications can be fulfilled under circuits with no fixed edges through roll-to-roll production.

Light Boards (DRFPC)

Dry-etching Rollable FPC is made with aluminum and PET materials. Not only does it have simple and flexible processes, but when used for LED light conductions, it can achieve features including ultra-long sizes and being rollable. In comparison, traditional LED aluminum substrates have limited sizes, complex production processes, and they are not rollable. DRFPC is better in every way and is suitable for installation in various lighting areas.

Flat Cable (DRFPC)

DRFPC is a rollable aluminum substrate; not only does it have features including lightweight, thin and bendable, but it can also be placed in components such as passive components or connectors. In addition, its ultra-long size and no need for board-to-board connection can improve reliability and meet large-area usages; it can be widely applied in the electric vehicle industry and lithium battery energy industry to use as electrical bus and detection cables, providing highly customizable products and allowing customers to achieve reliable, stable and quick assembly.