Compensation and Benefits

Attractive compensation and intact benefit system

Satisfied Compensation

With basic salary, all kinds of allowances, bonuses and multiple incentive salary and bonus combination

Multiple Subsidies

With a marriage grant, maternity allowance and family funeral allowance; provide training, travel, transportation and health check subsidies by grade

Reasonable Time Off

Week off two days; With paternity leave, menstrual Leave, family care leave and special leave system

Regulated Wealth Care

Pensions / health insurance and the provision of labor pension, staff physical examination, staff pension, special insurance for special staff

Great Family Care

Provide staff and children's scholarships and freshmen enrollment gift; Regular annual staff photography and children painting competition

Various Activities

Regularly hold birthday and festival celebrations, staff travel, year-end party and other welfare activities

Complete talent development system. Looking for passionate and professional talents.

  • Regular promotion every year
  • Multiple incentive salary and bonus combination
  • Manpower support and rotation system at group level, structural career path
  • Well-developed talent training system, continuous employee learning
  • Individual Training Program and mentor for newbie

Well working and living environment

  • Bright and comfortable working environment with internet, air conditioning workplace, clean room equipment
  • Overseas branches provide staff dorm with air conditioning
  • Provide healthy and plentiful food
  • Have staff recreation center and gym
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