From medical consumables to interior structural components and exterior decorative parts of medical equipment, Cymmetrik focuses on the management of production environment, the traceability of production procedure, the quality and safety of the product. We also can support all levels of medical products and solutions to enhance customer's medical standard.

Regulatory Requirements

Cymmetrik obtained the certificate of ISO13485 and YY/T0287-2003 with rigorous environmental regulations and process management.

Medical Level Working Environment

  • Microorganism Control
  • Dust Particle Control
  • Humiture Control
  • Air Pressure Control

Workplace Access Control

  • Personnel Access Control
  • Materials Access Control

Strict Production Process

  • Management of Product Traceability
  • Management of Medical Aids

Medical Electronics Solutions

Cymmetrik provides different kinds of medical electronics total printing solutions, including household device (blood glucose meter, sphygmomanometer, etc.), medical imaging instrument (ultrasound machine, X-ray machine) and clinical use of electronic devices. The various materials can apply to overlay, light-guide film,UDI (Unique Device Identification) labels ,high temperature resistant labels and interior die-cut parts etc.

Medical Consumables Solutions

Cymmetrik obtains rigorous medical level working environment. We ensure that the production process is sterile and pollution-free. We can support total medical consumables solutions, such as non-woven fabrics, hydrophilic films, disposable tapes, wound pastes, electrode films, blood glucose test strips, medication paste, adhesive skin closure, medical fixed bar, transparent waterproof paste, and other medical supplies.

Success Stories

Insulin Management System

Non-Woven Fabric

Digital Medical Management System

Conducting Plate

Ultrasound Instrument

Touch Screen and Light-Guide Film

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