From finished medical products to medical appliance components and ornamental accessories, Cymmetrik places great importance on manufacturing environment management, manufacturing processes, traceability, product quality, and safety.  It offers solutions for all levels of medical needs and helps elevate standards for healthcare and medicine.

Meet Legal Requirements

Cymmetrik implements strict environment standards and process management, as reflected in its ISO13485 and YY /T0287-2003 certifications.

Medical Grade Workshop Environment

  • Microorganism Control
  • Dust Control
  • Climate Control (Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure)

Workshop Access Control

  • Employee Access Control (incl. attire, health, dust prevention, processes, etc.)
  • Inventory Access Control

Strictly Controlled Manufacturing Process

  • Product Traceability Management
  • Auxilliary Tools/Supply Management

Medical Consumables Solutions

Manufacturing from its own strictly controlled stirile cleanroom workshops, Cymmetrik ensures cleanliness throughout its manufacturing processes and offers a comprehensive range of medical supply solutions.  Materials used include non-woven fabrics, hydrophillic films, medical adhesive tapes, hydrogels, biosensing conductive inks, etc.  Available products include wound dressings, surgical tapes, steri strips, waterproof breathable film dressing, ECG electrodes, blood-glucose test strips, (healthcare) skin patches, (cosmetic) sheet masks, and other finished/semi-finished medicare products.

Medical Electronics Solutions

Cymmetrik offers a whole spectrum of solutions for electronic medical appliances and instruments.  Its print and processing applications include home-use monitors commonly used for remote medicare (blood-glucose meters, sphygmomanometers, etc.), medical imaging devices (e.g. ultrasound and x-ray machines), and electronic clinical care products (such as POCT and mobile medical workstations).  Furthermore, it uses methods and technologies like mixed-material panels, light guides, medical device UDI (Unique Device Identification) labels, heat resistant labels, and die-cut internal components to bring about UI intuitiveness and clarity in its medical devices, and to enhance the touch and feel of external surfaces during product design.

Success Stories

Insulin Management System

Non-woven fabric patches suitable for long-term wear.

Remote Medical Management Digital Systems

Wearable device patches with conductive-ink-printed electrodes.

Ultrasound Imaging Diagnostics Clinical Equipment

Optimize light guide touch panels for darker diagnostic environments.


Cymmedico is committed to meeting customer needs. We possess strong R&D capabilities, with core competencies that lend to numerous applications and fields, including: macromolecule, electrochemistry , adhesion, printing, precision coating, precision cutting, formula development, automated consolidation techniques, and more. Focusing mostly on OEM/ODM work on high quality, regulations compliant, people-centric medical equipment, Cymmedico develops, manufactures, and processes advanced wound dressings, medical adhesive tapes, electrocardiography supplies, in vitro diagnostic devices, and other medical supplies.

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