Heat Transfer Decoration



  • Transfer images onto products easily with heat and pressure
  • Perfect graphics reproduction and long-lasting images
  • One process work: eliminate extra process
  • Metal color, pearl color, gradient effect, customization pattern, 3D texture, enhance style of high-technology on product
  • Versatile surface support: plastic or metal


  • Decoration at small radius corner and tactile feedback effects are feasible: create product differentiation
  • Shorten time to market: shorten development, sampling, and production lead-time
  • Lower MOQ: target high-mix/low-volume/limited-edition markets
  • Can integrate multiple effects in one HTD film, to reduce cost
  • No spray painting required, meets environmental standards
  • Bring tactual experience which is different from the visual effects



Success Stories: SONY PS Console Logo


  • Customer required printing colorful logo on the video game controller. We suggested using heat transfer decoration printing to overcome the difficulties of color printing on curved surface.


  • Used CMYK printing and HTD surface process spraying by high gloss paint to accelerate colorfulness and create visual impact.
  • The color printed by screen printing was full and rich. We used semi-automatic printing. The PS Logo was 6.5mm diameter range.

Success Stories: Logitech Wireless Mouse(Ophelia Owl) Label


  • Beautiful appearance and excellent workmanship were always the features of Logitech wireless mouse. This mouse label was the combination of HTD and spray printing technique.


  • The HTD process from screen printing could make up the lack of saturation from offset CMYK printing and present the designer's original design.
  • There was no misregistration between colors. The prodct was sprayed medium lacquer after HTD process in order to increase the quality.

Success Stories: Logitech Wireless Mouse(Gorilla /Toucan) Label


  • Using cartoon animal graphics as design element to present the freedom and happiness of wireless mouse, and create a boundless internet world to the fashion and independent consumers.
  • Used the advantage of HTD to give the product an exquisite coating, successfully increase the share of market withour incease too many cost. Enhance product's competitiveness. 


  • Used animal cartoon graphic to decorate the mouse. Utilized spot color overlapping printing and added HTD process to precisely present the graphic on the product surface.
  • Product was bright and colorful, using blending ink to meet customer's concept and idea. At the end we won praises from our customers.

Success Stories: Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse(White Flowers) Label


  • A wireless mouse design for web browsing, with the perfect match of ergonomic steamline design and comfort. Customers hoped to refine the appearance of the product through HTD and enhance market competitiveness.


  • We mixed pearl color in the white base which shows the elegant and fashion style of the product.
  • The leaves and branches on white flowers HTD film were printed by registered design which lay out neatly and increase the visual effect.

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