Surface Pattern Design Solutions

With unparalleled printing technology and processing capabilities to provide the most suitable process, to achieve maximum cost-effectiveness and to meet the diversified product needs of customers, for all imaginations and designs of the appearance of the product, through Cymmetrik’s printing application service, the imagination is turned into reality.

Unbeatable Quality

Concentric Brushed, Pearlescent

  • Very fine Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) creates a diamond-cut like appearance that illustrates a soft tone luxury.

High Transmission

  • OLED could be both opaque and translucent, realizing the effect of a seamless surface

Concentric Brushed, Pearlescent

  • Varied colors and fine textures provide a wide selection of the same series

Matte, AG Satin, Brushed

  • Combine diamond cutting and AG Satin patterns in one plate; change ink colors or decorate with metal coatings can easily bring a new look to your products

Matte, AG Satin, Brushed

  • Varied sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns appear on a seamless surface

Satin, Check, Translucent

  • Metallic texture and translucent layer, embossing and debossing heat press; dense glistening silver ink offer a retro wild look

High Transparency

  • Fitted well with luminaires and screens, this thin layer alone could cover the mechanism, making a product lighter

Concentric Brushed, Satin

  • Metallic texture, composite material, and mixed patterns


  • Different colors with coatings, creating a metallic texture

Matte, Satin, Plating

  • Vintage delustering and translucent thin layers enable a surface to be snowy-white while glowing, and the natural color of aluminum while dimming


  • Exquisite touches of engraving and milling

Dot Matrix, Glossy

  • Fine imprinting adds feels to a surface; varied plates offer diverse looks

Invisible Holography

  • Front, no refraction

Invisible Holography

  • Side, “SECURITY” or brand logos appear via refraction
  • Defeat Counterfeit in Style

Wave, Spiral, Customized Pattern

  • The realization of imagination and creativity pairs with colors and patterns makes the product stand out

Wave, Spiral, Customized Pattern

  • Catch the eye with various astonishing images via refraction

Brushed-horizontal, Metallic

  • Brushed metallic texture; easily fitted to any opening and printed images

Brushed-horizontal, Metallic

  • A fluid and seamless surface

Diamond-cut, Geometry, Metallic


Concentric Brushed, Metallic

Concentric Brushed, Metallic

Diamond-like, Glossy


Metallic, Pearlescent

  • Nameplate with smooth curve; uniform metallic luster elevates a quality look and feel

Customized Pattern

  • The materialization of varied colors and diverse patterns such as circle, geometry, spiral, etc.

Customized Pattern

  • The materialization of varied colors and diverse patterns such as circle, geometry, spiral, etc.

Product Distinctiveness

Achieve a small quantity, but diverse product selections to bring cost advantages, aesthetics, lightweight, and other benefits, and result in increasing sales, profitability, and effectively strengthen brand recognition

Eco-Friendly, energy-efficient, and waste reduction

Cymmetrik adopts the printing process instead of the spraying process to avoid environmental pollution, reduces the waste and energy generated by traditional texture engraving and milling, better than the large amount of acid and solvent in the anode process, and adopt the raw materials that meet the requirements of environmental protection regulations in the whole process.

Streamlined Product Development Process

As a one-stop shop for products and services, we provide overall solutions and make your procurement more efficient with a speed up in both manufacturing and delivery via customized Nanoimprint craft technique and a streamlined product development process to significantly shorten your lead times.

Significantly elevate your brand and product

Fit various materials
  • Most flat material surfaces such as PC, PET, PMMA, metals, plastic membranes, etc.
Diverse looks
  • Resemble different textures such as metal, wood grain, carbon fiber, etc.
Diverse Touches
  • Create partial or full fine relief and intaglio patterns according to your design
Good Abrasion Resistance
  • Being impact resistant, scratch resistant, and wear resistant, our products passed Material Abrasion and Hardness Test for consumer electronics.
  • Device cases can get a wide range of colors that they wouldn’t have during injection molding process.
Special Customized Patterns
  • Coatings showcase different optical patterns including lasers, ore textures, concentric brushed, spirals, etc. Our imprinting process is not only faster than that of CNC engraving and milling, but also effectively reduces product weights.

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