Anti-counterfeit Label



  • Easy to identify: can easily detect counterfeit by the naked eye, tools, mobile applications, instrument
  • Patented technology: combine with the patented materials, ink, printing, processing and other technologies to achieve effective protection
  • Hard to duplicate: utilize the principles of optics and physics to prevent counterfeit
  • Multiple applications: can go with shrink sleeve, tamper-evident label and apply to all types of materials, strengthen product protection


  • Easy and quick Counterfeit Detection
  • Unique technology
  • Effectively protect brands
  • Increase market share
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Gain credibility with customers

Success Stories: BG Anti-Counterfeit Label


  • The product was the backpack hang tag which contained anti-counterfeit function, could beautify and add product value. It used the QR code system which was generated by Cymmetrik's patent modulation code. Utilized brand new number shifting digital printing and combine with unique fancy cutting process, to print the exquisite pattern. 


  • Using number shifting digital printing and the unique fancy cutting process after four color overlapping pinting to create a colorful effect.
  • Used the QR code system which was generated by Cymmetrik's patent modulation code to provide the added value such as tamper-evident and anti-counterfeit.

Success Stories: Lenovo Anti-Counterfeit Label


  • Lenovo's laptop sales volume was top one in China, in order to prevent replacement and counterfeit of laptops, all the laptop needed to have anti-counterfeit label. The old tamper-evident label had simulated by other competitors and illegal dealers, so Cymmetrik discussed a customized solution with customer's RD team to create new anti-counterfeit label.


  • Used special material, when the label removed from the box, user could still see the clear words on the box. High transfer rate.
  • Utilized Cymmetrik's new invisible anti-counterfeit technique. By using invisible anti-counterfeit ink to increase the anti-counterfeit function and ability.

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