Anti-counterfeit Solutions

Entire procedures of solution to meet customer's need.

From understanding requirement, customized solution planning, proofing, verification to production process, storage and the safety of delivery, Cymmetrik strictly control the details of every procedure and provide the most reliable service.
Three Protective Functions:
  1. Easy to describe
  2. Easy to recognize
  3. Hard to counterfeit
Cymmetrik anti-counterfeit solutions can enhance brand protection, market share, consumer loyalty and meet customer's needs. 

High End Anti-Counterfeit Laser Holographic Film

Different from general laser film, we use special technique and equipment to provide the best explicit and invisible anti-counterfeit solution.
It's easier to provide low-cost identification tools to the dealers and customs to help customer cracking down on counterfeit.

Changing Colors

See the changing color of triangle and font from different angles

Switching Light-Dark Color

Turn the label to 45 degrees, can see the switching light to dark color of pattern and font.

Invisible Anti-Counterfeit Recognition

Use the recognition card to identify authenticity. Can see the laser graphic on the right, but nothing on the left.

3D Laser Holographic Film

The only anti-counterfeit label contains explicit and invisible features. It has multiple instinct visual identification features, easier for consumer to identify the authenticity.

Bright Red Safety Sign

Use striking red laser holographic sign to identify.

Unique 3D Safety Anti-Counterfeit

Can see the different number and relative 3D image from different angles with the naked eye.

Invisible Anti-Counterfeit

Use the single light source from flashlight, can see the floating image.

Patented safety and difficult-to-replicate Seal Vector® matrix code

The combination of physics and optics principles can help to control the printing quality of Seal Vector® code. The code is the unique identification, which can not be replicated or counterfeit.
Can identify authenticity by using iPhone or USB camera with special application. Have already adopted by many international cosmetic and wine brands.

Invisible Particle Ink

Cymmetrik has various invisible particle inks. We can provide the customer the most suitable invisible particle ink solutions by using different features and applications to meet brand's need and applications. We can also customize exclusive identified particle as the best solution for identifying parallel import products.

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