Anti-counterfeit Solutions

Tailored Protection Plans Maximize Safety and Reliability

Cymmetrik tailor-makes a special combination of material, ink, printing method, and composition for each brand to always create the perfect anti-counterfeiting solution, covering all levels and considerations, from overt/covert anti-counterfeiting to fusing optics to physics.  Combining its comprehensive mastery in printing technology to seamless coordination with world-class partners, Cymmetrik takes anti-counterfeiting to the next level and raises the bar for counterfeiters.  Stop illegal counterfeiting dead in its tracks with Cymmetrik's constantly evolving anti-counterfeiting techniques and professional R&D team.

Special Materials

Holographic Film

  • Integrates optical technology, contains 2D/3D holograms


  • Leaves indelible mark after ripping

Fragile Paper

  • Breaks apart upon ripping

Special Feature Printing

Visual Code™

  • Trademarked technology flawlessly combines pictures and QR Codes

Unique Identification (UID)

  • Truly unique serial identities work great with cloud platform systems


  • Low cost, hard to replicate, near indiscernible with the naked eye

Guilloche Rosette

  • Complex, hard-to-duplicate irregular multilayered structuring

Scratch-Off Ink

  • Covers special information or garbled coding

Invisible Ink

  • Advanced technology requires special instrument for authentication

Structure Expansion

Double Layer

  • Can provide anti-counterfeit data and ample mutability

RFID Label

  • Integrated electronic labelling platform for effective authentication

Special Cut-line

  • Special surface cuts splinter the tape while ripping

Virtual-Physical World Integration

Smart Anti-Counterfeit Cloud Platform

Coordinating with international platform providers and combining UID or RFID/NFC electronic labeling technology, Cymmetrik provides a pan-global anti-counterfeit solution that enables cell phone operation and real-time tracking/tracing.  For consumers, digital anti-counterfeiting grants a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) peace of mind, with simple authentication that's easy to use, easy to understand.  In conjunction with Visual CodeTM, anti-counterfeiting goes further to provide sales and marketing functionality, bringing multiple layers of value to each single label.

The safest, most reliable brand protection

Temper Proof

Effective Protection Ensures Product Safety

Track & Trace

Whole-Process Source Tracing


Product Authenticity Verification


Achieves Multi-Layered Data Correlation

Cymmetrik boasts a highly experienced, highly professional team that uses in-depth communication to precisely understand client needs and ensure the most suitable set of anti-counterfeiting designs and techniques.  This is how Cymmetrik is able to make the perfect anti-counterfeiting solution for everybody.  Through strict control of all operational details and processes, a dedicated technical support team, and a complete supply chain both upstream and downstream, Cymmetrik is constantly breaking new ground in anti-counterfeiting techniques in addition to providing the most reliable, most complete, and highest standard service.

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