Smart Retail Electronic Price Tags

The smart retail electronic price tag from Cymmetrik is the first retail electronic price tag solution in the world that has achieved a new EPD form with applying the indoor lighting to generate electricity for its own use, achieving net zero emission standards. Not only can it display the price, but electronic paper can also turn into marketing tool and increase revenue; in addition, a variety of power solutions are provided to apply in diverse sales environments.

Serial Electronic Paper Display (SEPD)

Serial Electronic Paper Display (SEPD) is the first product equipped with top-mounted indoor lighting power generation modules to effectively utilize indoor lighting for power storage, to self-produce and supply power to the electronic price tags and to achieve Net Zero standards.

SEPD can be viewed as an innovative sales tool for modern retailing; signals and power can be designed through serial circuits to make electronic price tags perform dynamic marketing carousel display, achieving the purpose of real-time marketing while realizing accurate power monitoring, and reducing power anxiety.

When used in different sales fields and marketing activities, lithium battery packs developed by Cymmetrik can be purchased optionally for SEPD to transform ordinary shelves into wireless mobile shelves. Special traffic lines or outdoor activity tools can be placed for long periods of time to realize various possibilities for electronic price tags.

In the future, intellectualization will be enhanced and traffic detection technology will be integrated to realize precise advertising and improve retail performance and shopping experiences, bringing more possibilities for modern retailing.


The POWERNEXUS cloud management can edit, manage, preview and update the contents displayed on the electronic paper, achieving the purpose of remote management and marketing activities. Meanwhile, the power information can also be displayed and clearly grasped, achieving power management in advance. APIs can also be opened for different customer attributes to meet the requirement for customized systems.

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