Conductive Inks

Biosensing Conductive Carbon Pastes

Cymmetrik has developed an electroconductive carbon paste suitable for biochemical signal detection applications. By circuit printing the conductive carbon paste onto a non-conductive substrate using screen printing technique, we can produce flexible, complex, and precise electrode circuitry. Then, using electrochemical biosensing principles, we can apply the technique to a wide variety of common, enzyme-reaction-based, biochemical diagnostic test strips, helping them with accurate, reliable delivery of electrical signals for detecting blood glucose, uric acid, cholesterol, and lactic acid levels, among other things.
The product is bendable and flexible, with low electrical resistance, high leveling property, high viscosity quality, superior electrochemical performance, and high compatibility with market-sold silver paste. We also supply custom formula carbon paste with custom-tuned electrochemical properties, electrical resistance, adhesive quality, and so forth.


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