In addition to sticker labels, Cymmetrik also provides book labels, shrink labels, infusion bottle labels, and applied variable data printing products like inkjet labels.


Our front and back labels, shrink wrap labels and booklet labels can provide increased usable label space for complete, detailed medicinal information. Using continuous inkjet printing, label codes can provide unique, repetitive, or randomly selected information, making it easy to control product quantity, place of manufacture, sales territory and more.


Contact Lenses

Our contact lens package and booklet labels can enhance overall appearance and provide comprehensive product information.


Eye Drops, Contact Lens Solutions

Our packaging labels for contact lenses and contact lens solutions can deliver product information and emphasize product features.


IV Infusion Bottles

Our IV bottle labels are strong enough to hang products weighing up to 3 kilograms. They're also highly durable and help save related product costs. In addition, our included piggy-back function eases medicine and dose documenting. They're the superior choice for both practicality and durability.


Trusted Products and Solutions for All Levels of Medicine

From finished medical products to medical appliance components and ornamental accessories, Cymmetrik places great importance on manufacturing environment management, manufacturing processes, traceability, product quality, and safety. It offers solutions for all levels of medical needs and helps elevate standards for healthcare and medicine.


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