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Bringing together the expertise of medical engineers and material researchers, we have developed an unique micro-current facial mask which activates ionic flow upon power generation, boosting the delivery of our botanical extract serums into the depths of the skin. Our technology helps stimulate the skin's regeneration powers, restoring the skin to its original plumped radiance. Our microcurrent masks utilises the only beauty technology which truly nourishes the skin from the inside out!

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Cympotek Co., Ltd. focuses on digital solutions for "printing value-added services". In the retail field, through the data collection of UID label on each product, this generates the data power that connects the consumer end to the manufacturing supply chain, and realizes the possibility of real-time supply chain. In addition, the carriers of label information include RFID and QR CODE. RFID focuses on B2B market applications, and QR CODE focuses on retail multi-layer distribution system, including loyalty program, source tracking, anti-counterfeiting and authenticity verification, and traceability.

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Cymmedico is committed to meeting customer needs. We possess strong R&D capabilities, with core competencies that lend to numerous applications and fields, including: macromolecule, electrochemistry , adhesion, printing, precision coating, precision cutting, formula development, automated consolidation techniques, and more. Focusing mostly on OEM/ODM work on high quality, regulations compliant, people-centric medical equipment, Cymmedico develops, manufactures, and processes advanced wound dressings, medical adhesive tapes, electrocardiography supplies, in vitro diagnostic devices, and other medical supplies.

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Specializing in energy and energy storage, Cymnergy is an innovator in precision crafting and technology and a leader in precision mold cutting, hot pressing, welding, multi-layer bonding, automated assembly, and integrated composite processing.  With its extensive customization experience, it creates high-end key component designs for batteries and a brighter future for green energy.


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Cymdesign Creative is an environment-centric, sustainability-focused company specializing in green designs.  Always starting at “what the user needs”, we leverage design thinking to integrate design, business, and technology—for high quality, innovative green products and solutions that promote sustainable social development.

Our professional design team, with its advanced design techniques, provides a comprehensive suite of design consulting services that help you with business diagnosis, corporate strategy, brand positioning, corporate identity, product planning, industrial design, and visual/interactive design.


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