• Use the world’s only serialized TID Numbers
  • EPC memory capacity can be chosen by different kinds of demand
  • Fast read speed and can be read and written repeatedly
  • Non-contact sensing: can still read the data in the dark or dirty environment
  • Various types of antenna design, applicable to every different range
  • Don't need batteries


  • Workflow automation: reduce human error and personnel costs
  • Provide immediate and accurate information
  • Create a product ID
  • The cost to counterfeit label is high, can protect product from counterfeit

Success Stories: Blood Glucose Test Strips RFID Label


  • The traditional blood glucose test strips needed users to manully adjust correcting code. EA-11 strips needed to finish adjustment right after customer used blood glucose censor label. RFID label could provide different skip distances on label and needed to use allotopia lamination to recombine the materials.


  • This label was the new combination of RFID chip and printing semi-finished product. Utilized allotopia lamination to transfer RFID chips with fixed skip distances to the substrate with different skip distances
  • Compared with general label, electric label could save user's time for setting correcting code; meanwhile the electric censor could enhance the product quality and bring more added value to the customer.

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