Anti-Bacterial Solutions

Cymmetrik’s uniquely formulated antibacterial ink provides a powerful shield against bacteria for everyday products, affording protection and care wherever people go. It’s just the ticket for people in search of comprehensive antibacterial protection and safe, worry free lives.

Exclusive Antibacterial Nano-Technology with Long-Lasting Efficacy and International Credence

Cymmetrik’s recently-introduced Anti-Bacteria-Concentrate is an exclusive, proprietary nano-tech formula that boasts 99.99% efficacy, non-toxicity, long-lasting power, and safety. To build an antibacterial protection barrier, simply combine it with pre-existing printing technologies by adding the ink to current printing processes.


Cymmetrik’s exclusive anti-bacteria formula features superior dilution stability.  With its proprietary nanotech dispersant, it overcomes common issues associated with other available inorganic antibacterial solutions, including precipitation, oversized dissolvents, and visible imperfections.


ISO- and JIS-compliant anti-bacteria efficacy tests have confirmed that Cymmetrik’s antibacterial ink is highly effective against E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. In addition, the raw materials required for manufacturing conform to standards and regulations in numerous countries, including USA’s EPA, Japan’s SIAA, and EU’s ECHA BPR. Safety is our number one priority.

United States Environmental Protection Agency

EPA Approved

Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles (Japan)

SIAA Approved

European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)

Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR)

Organic antibacterial solutions on the market typically contain nitrogen ions and organic iodine compounds these days. Though they provide antibacterial effects, they also create concerns, like bacterial resistance and environmental biotoxicity. To effectively resolve these problems, Cymmetrik’s antibacterial ink formula uses a purely UV formulation, where the antibacterial solution contains no solvent. This annihilates concerns over contamination through VOC (volatile organic compound) volatilization, and creates a product that is colorless, non-toxic, and side-effect free. The resulting antibacterial ink formula works with a wide variety of printing processes, without affecting post-process effects, printing craftsmanship, color accuracy, and the final look and feel.

Safe, long lasting, toxin-free

Nanotech formulation, 99.99% antibacterial efficacy

Organic, environmentally friendly

VOC volatilization free

Works great with all sorts of printing processes

Products from various industries

Does not affect printing results

Retains color accuracy, texture, and functionality

Non-Toxic, Environmentally Friendly, Great for Products from all Industries… Set Your Mind at Ease

In the face of pandemic-induced, new-found corporate ways of life, Cymmetrik turned ideas to action and made visible changes around its world headquarters. It manufactured protective films using its antibacterial ink, installed them onto every elevator panel in the surrounding industrial park, and created long-lasting, antibacterial shields where people need them most. All to help regain that round-the-clock peace of mind, at work, for everyone.


Cymmetrik’s professional printing craftsmanship has always created brilliant, rich colors—and products that both work well and look great. Now, for even greater peace of mind, it adds antibacterial protection to those products, including food and drink packaging, electronics, and FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods). In addition to elevator button antibacterial stickers, it has recently added anti-bacteria technology to more of our surroundings: like notebook computer touchpads, bus/train tickets, and daily-essentials packaging.

Actual Products Served

Antibacterial Touchpads

Meets hardness and wear resistance standards

Antibacterial Tickets

Ink layer does not affect color/processing effects

Antibacterial Labels

Safe labelling enhances brand confidence

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