Wound Dressings

Non-Adherent Foam Dressings

A moist dressing that covers the wound and prevents external contamination without clinging to the wound, it absorbs exudate and provides an ideal environment for healing. This dressing does not adhere to epidermal cells, reduces pain during dressing changes, and helps maintain skin moisture around the wound, enabling a smooth healing process with minimal scarring.
We can adjust the surface adhesion of our foam dressings, print any pattern, and display different designs on the release liner of our dressings to meet customization needs. We also offer a selection of thin, breathable film materials for the backing layer of the foam dressing.

Microcurrent Foam Dressings

When printed on foam dressing, our proprietary, revolutionary microcurrent technology will inhibit common bacteria growth and reduce the risk of contamination upon contact with exudate.  This minimizes harmful bacterial activities, creates better conditions for self-healing, and results in lowered replacement frequency for wound dressing.
We are able to adjust the degree of surface adhesion on our foam dressings, print any microcurrent pattern on the foam dressing surface, and create different designs on the release liner to meet customization needs.

Printing, Processing, and Other Types of Dressing

Cymmetrik is able to produce a variety of dressing products based on customer design concepts, shapes, specifications, functions, and structuring.  It can also pair those with the most well-suited medical tapes, backing materials, and dressing materials, based on customer discussion conclusions. Example products include island dressings, artificial skin (hydrocolloid dressings), and acne treatment pads.
We are also able to customize dressing products and provide a comprehensive range of processing services to meet customer needs, including die cutting, surface treatment, and printing.


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