Career Life

Two-Track Rotation and Development

Two-Track Rotation and Development

Career Path

Our group training system adopts two-track system, management and professional wise. We care about both management and professional. We assign duties to the suitable professionals. We also provide structured career path.


Innovation Management.

Expand Horizons


Focus on Technology.

Strive for Excellence

Senior Manager
Senior Engineer/Project Director
Middle Manager Middle Engineer/Project Manager
Junior Manager Junior Engineer/Specialist
Freshman Freshman


Freshmen Orientation

We will arrange a complete and differentiated orientation for freshmen. Each freshman will have a dedicated mentor to teach and care at any time, so that they can adapt to the new environment fast and work in a safe and stable working environment.

Working Training Program

Cymmetrik has a comprehensive working training program. We will provide individual professional learning plan for every different grade employee, to implement the personnel training policy in our group.

Job Grade Training

  • Workplace Training
  • Supervisor Training
  • Cadre Training Program
  • Management Development Program
  • Leadership Program

Professional Training

  • Professional Training
  • Project Assignment
  • Job Rotation Training
  • Business Seminar
  • Overseas Training

General Training

  • Core Function
  • General Function
  • Information Access
  • Lecture Sharing
  • Lecturer training

Multiple Learning Platform

Cymmetrik has multiple learning platforms. Supervisors and employees can choose the most suitable way of learning according to the purpose to develop their own proficiency.


  • Internal Training Courses
  • E-learning
  • Technical Exchange Program
  • External Training Courses
  • Staff Library