Think highly of the sustainable development of enterprises and society

For more than 40 years, Cymmetrik has been adhering to its core value of “Integrity” and a people-centered business philosophy. Employees are valued, as is the importance of business ethics. In addition to pursuing innovation and value-added services, Cymmetrik puts a great deal of efforts in ensuring sustainability and act responsibly as a corporate citizen.
Since 2010, Cymmetrik has been promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR). We focus on the issues like environmental protection and social services etc. We also encourage employees to participate in public welfare, cooperate with local government and nonprofit organizations, support environmental protection and community services through sponsorship, adoptation and voluntary, e.g. Coastal and mountain cleanup, green space adaptation, caring for vulnerable groups, after school program etc. Spread our love to every corner of the society.
According to our globalization strategic approach, Cymmetrik is heading towards a Globally Integrated Enterprise (GIE) operating model. We think highly of labor rights, occupational health, safe production, ecological construction and environmental protection, under the laws and regulations of brand customers or the Chinese local government. Therefore, in the future we will promote green printing by utilizing renewable, thin, non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials and water-based ink to reduce the impact of waste on the environment. We will also practice energy conservation and emission reduction and continuously make more efforts on our mission "embellishing products and enriching life".
SER Policy


Employee Development

Cymmetrik has been adhering to its core value of “Integrity” and a people-centered business philosophy. We pay attention to employee development and training. We recognize multicultural and cherish every talent. We respect employees' basic human rights and encourage them to participate in public welfare activities. We also care about employees' health condition and workplace environment. We obtain Occupation Health Safety Management System (OHSMS) certification, in order to make sure every employee has safety working environment, which can reduce accidents, diseases and injuries.

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Environmental responsibility

Cymmetrik spares no effort to promote environmental protection and sustainable development of enterprise. “Strive to maximize energy efficiency and minimize waste emissions” is our pivotal tactic. We establish electricity control benchmarks to enhance operational efficiency, in order to achieve energy saving goal. Apart from ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, we also effectively control hazardous substance which brings us IECQ QC 080000 hazardous substances process management system certification. Each plant will set up next year's benchmark according to the annual implementation actual value, especially for the waste disposal, production waste, water, electricity consumption, process consumption, material recycle and other projects, in order to add up data and control, and come up with further improvement project. 



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CSR Activities

In order to practice corporate social responsibility, Cymmetrik organizes activities from time to time to encourage employees to participate in public welfare activities and contribute to the community in practical actions.


Cymmetrik Education Foundation

Our Foundation will focus on promoting all kinds of educational activities, talents cultivation, school-enterprise cooperation reinforcement and carrying forward the integrity of character, encouraging the spirit of innovation, in order to facilitate social progress.

Cymmetrik Education Foundation

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