Medical Tapes

Adhesive Transfer Double Sided Tapes

Our proprietary medical grade pressure sensitive adhesive material enables our tape products to pass cytotoxicity tests.
Adhesive on both sides, these tapes are well suited to laminating internal components in semi-manufactured goods, laminating FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) boards, and laminating various substrates for cutting and processing. Medium in thickness, these tapes possess the perfect level of adhesion for simultaneous attachment to devices and people, providing both comfortable and dependable hold for any wearable medical device.
With our ability to manufacture a wide variety of medical tape products, we will happily customize any tape’s adhesive force and backing material to best meet your needs.

Full Adhesive Coverage TPU/PU Pressure Sensitive Tape

Our proprietary medical grade pressure sensitive adhesive compound passes cytotoxicity tests with ease.
Our full adhesive coverage pressure sensitive tapes are perfect for the skin. Water resistant, hypoallergic, breathable and extremely thin, they protect shallower, smaller cuts that are exudate free, help avoid further scraping, and keep out foreign contaminants like liquids, dust, and germs. The tape works well for securing small, wearable biometric monitoring devices over long periods of time, for securing dressings, and for securing IV application sites. The tape surface, printed or in its natural form, also covers scars and helps conceal surgical wounds.
We can customize everything about the tape, from adhesion and backing material, to coloring and print pattern, to size and shape.

Partial Adhesive Coverage TPU/PU Pressure Sensitive Tapes

Despite having all the characteristics and functionalities of full adhesive coverage tapes, our partial adhesive coverage pressure sensitive tapes boast even higher vapor permeability (MVTR). By applying adhesive only partially, in patterns, comfort is enhanced and skin allergy is reduced drastically, all the while maintaining appropriate adhesion.
Through precision adhesive application, we can create tapes that feature fine details and unique patterns. These can then be used for brand recognition or anti-counterfeit applications.


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