In-Mold Film



  • Chemical resistance: elegant images printed on the backside of clear film to protect images from damage and chemical corrosion, present vivid images
  • Abrasion and scratch resistance: 2H to 3H surface hardness
  • Value-added: stretched printing film can affixed textures or patterns directly onto plastic surface and the combination with micro-optical and coating process can achieve the special effect, such as metal line treatment to increase product value.


  • Product diversification: customers may change pattern and color at any time
  • Reduce cost: no extra molding and tooling costs for different graphics or colors, fits in high-mix/low volume markets
  • Flexible product design: 3D decoration, suitable for high surface curvature products
  • Eco-friendly and efficient: no spray painting required, meets environmental standards, enhances production efficiency

Success Stories: Protective Cover


  • The product was a US military brand mobile phone and tablet protective cover, favored by US military and military fans.


  • We used offset printing to print military patterns and make it colorful with delicate print dots, which meet the military fans needs.
  • Printed special matt varnish at the front and combined with customer's injection mold construction to achieve matte effect on the surface with high hardness, high wear-resistant.

Success Stories: Bicycle Decorative Light Overlay


  • We suggested customer to use high light transparent matte PET and combined with digital printing. The product can present bright and colorful effect and also can prevent scratches, increase the durability.


  • Used high light transparent matte PET, printed the starry sky and pastel mists by digital printing and combined with silk screen printing ceramic white background, to increase the fashion style and prevent scratches.
  • The overlay used IMF process, matched with colorful LED lights, it created a colorful visual effect.

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