Smart Lithium Battery

Lithium battery cells, publicly recognized as the safest in the industry, are used; the battery module is equipped with an intuitive electronic information display, while battery usage conditions can be monitored in real-time on the cloud. Its applications include lightweight power vehicles and small energy storage applications such as two-wheeled or three-wheeled logistics vehicles, stackers in factories, forklifts, agricultural machinery handling and AGV unmanned transport vehicles, etc.

LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Pack

The battery pack module from Cymmetrik uses UL1642-certified lithium battery cells along with the self-developed battery management system (BMS) that was designed and manufactured in Taiwan to exert high-performance battery cell series balance and strictly adhere to information security management. Compared to industry specifications, its weight and volume were reduced by 15%. The battery module supports serial connection or parallel collection of up to 4 units to provide more power and long-term product application; the intuitive electronic display allows drivers to know the power conditions and connection conditions immediately. IPX5 level waterproof specification is adopted for the charging port, and it supports two usage modes, charging and battery swapping, to expand the application environment of the product.


The POWERNEXUS battery management platform is used for factory and fleet management; it uses the industry’s top cloud computing and services to provide highly secure information security management. The POWERNEXUS platform provides basic battery information and real-time messages, such as providing vehicle location in real-time for tracking, the system gives early risk warnings, and group item management, etc., to effectively grasp real-time statuses, risks, and reduce costs.

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