Laminate Tube



  • Use special multiple layers of materials
  • Different from conventional method, laminate tube can apply various exquisite printing effect


  • Vivid color and enhance degrees of fineness
  • Directly print on tube material, no need for other labels. Shorten delivery time and reduce production costs

Success Stories: Pechoin Oil Control Purifying Deep Cleansing Face Cleanser


  • Customer chose laminated tube priting for the first time, compared to the previous extrusion tube which could only print color blocks and big screen dots with screen printing; the printing of laminated tube was more colorful and show the product value. It also can shorten lead time and reduce cost. 


  • At the front, the bright color was covered on the white base. At the side, the printing would show some green particles and have a reflective silver effect, which gave the product appearance delicacy and glossiness.
  • During the process, we avoided the misregistered printing and highlighted the white color of front and logo to increase the 3D tactile feedback.

Success Stories: Lesening Laminate Tubes


  • Customer required using matte UV varnish on the logo of Lesening to have a contract with surrounded light UV varnish. After our suggestion, the matte UV varnish on logo alterd to light UV varnish, the logo was more striking and ourstanding, which can grab consumers' attentions. Meanwhile, for emphasizing the product feature, we save the light UV varnish on other patterns, to create half-matte and half-bight effect. The result was favored by customer and even beyond customer's expectation.


  • Used metallic bright silver laminate tube as the substrate, and used white as the background color to match with transparent metallic blue, which can increase the product design.
  • Used light UV varnish to emphasize logo, using special printing technique to enhance the stereoscopy of the graphic. The whole label used half-matte and half-bight effect to increase the product value and present the product feature.

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