Promotion Label



  • Decorates products: Customized label design to enhance product appearance
  • Delivers messages: Includes and delivers product and promotion information
  • Attracts attention: Combines substrate characteristics and printing effects to grab consumer attention
  • Marketing activities: create advertising appeal, unique selling point, sales promotion, launching new product, etc.


  • Stimulates product sales: Eye-catching effects to encourage buying behavior
  • Increases advertising exposure to enhance product desirability
  • Reduces marketing expenses: Reduces extra channel marketing and advertising expenses
  • Reinforce advertising: Not affected by the design of the bottle, increase the branding area

Success Stories: Lux Luminique Shampoo Label


  • This secondary label required to inmitate Japanese label, but after Cymmetrik received the sample from Japan, we realized that Japanese version had serious broken lines. We tried our best to overcome the printing problems.
  • This product was the featured product in Japan, thus the quality requirement was extremely rigorous. While Cymmetrik was printing proofs, we tried various testing processes combination and changed different molding matches to reduce crimps.


  • The bottle color had to match with labels' golden edges, in order to present high end luxury visual effect. The label looked outstanding among other similar products.
  • The label was percisely printed without misregistration and its die-cut edge had no crimps. The neat label appearance without bulge presents the high quality of Japanese product.

Success Stories: TSB Shampoo Secondary Label


  • Customer required the label should be unified in Asian market; it was quite difficult to differentiate the product in Taiwan market. We suggested customer to deepen the color of Chinese character borders, to increase the quality of the label, and eventually the label was favored by the customer.


  • The color of camellia had higher color saturation with partly foil stamping to increase the metallic treatment, and the emphasis of the Chinese characters can increase the quality of label.
  • The bright yellow camellia stamens with striking red, white, purple camellia petals can highlight the elegance of the product.

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