Medical Device

Cymmetrik provides high-end printing solutions, it can meet all design and manufacturing needs for medical electronic hardware products.

Home Use

We created product designs that stand out in the sea of small, portable medical appliances for labs and homes (e.g. sphygmomanometers, blood-glucose meters, ear thermometers, oximeters) through our diverse surface printing effects and decorative accessories, like nameplates, membrane switches, side trims, and back covers. These not only provide visual stimulation for consumers, but also allow precise, intuitive UI presentation. The end result: products shine with professionalism, build quality, brand recognition, and enhanced market appeal.


Professional Use

Using decorative pieces made through high quality printing and craftmanship, showcase your brand's signature pattern and fine texture, and enhance the touch and feel of big ticket medical instruments and equipment (e.g. operating tables, endoscopy devices, medical imaging equipment, minmally invasive surgery robots). Cover appliances and devices with protective membranes to reduce wear and tear from the countless alcohol rubs required for disinfection. Combine light-guide products with various die-cut internal components to provide better visual cues and more streamlined equipment operation for medical personel.


Trusted Products and Solutions for All Levels of Medicine

From finished medical products to medical appliance components and ornamental accessories, Cymmetrik places great importance on manufacturing environment management, manufacturing processes, traceability, product quality, and safety. It offers solutions for all levels of medical needs and helps elevate standards for healthcare and medicine.



Cymmedico is committed to meeting customer needs and possess strong R&D capabilities with core competencies that lend to numerous applications and fields. Focusing mostly on OEM/ODM work on high quality, regulations compliant, people-centric medical equipment, Cymmedico develops, manufactures, and processes advanced wound dressings, medical adhesive tapes, electrocardiography supplies, in vitro diagnostic devices, and other medical supplies.

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