Barcode/ Serial Number Label



  • Print barcode/serial number on the front of label or on the back of liner
  • Number can be unique, repeat or random


  • Easily manage number, place of origin, sales region of products
  • Track and trace products

Success Stories: Danone Yili Bottled Water Cap Sticker


  • The label of Yili bottled water applied to digital printing process. Cymmetrik provided digital information automative solution which increased data management, review and transaction process, also conducted online and offline process management.


  • This VDP product printed barcode numbers on both front and back sides at once to avoid data errors and also conducted data management, review, transaction and online offline model process management.
  • Digital printing label can help customer enhance product sales and intergrate functions, such as anti-counterfeit, claiming a prize, credits exchange and big date management on one label, to accelerate product added value.

Success Stories: Guolian Aquatic Anti-Counterfeit Label


  • User can receive product information by scanning the QR code, the colorful image can use as advertisement.


  • Using digital printing. Used software to create shifting digit and added background color to finish multi colors printing at once.
  • Using different thickness of lines and contrast color to show the stereoscopy on label. Used transparent PET material and followed the printing process which can have better saturation and easier to scan.

Success Stories: Lumieye 3D Mobile Protector Registration Card Label


  • Customer hoped to create member's only service with the future techonology design and anti-counterfieit function, so we suggested to use QR code 2.0 with double labels process which could give consumer the feeling of surprise and use shifting visual code to show the technology design.


  • Used visual code QR code 2.0 with double labels process, especially the special visual code on the second label, contained both beautiful appearance and technology design.
  • Each double-layer label had a shifting visual code which could not easily be counterfeited and also increae the competitiveness of product.

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