Light-guide Film



  • Shortening the product development cycle
  • Cost of screen printing plate is significantly lower than that of injection molding
  • Printing technology is compatible with a wide variety of materials
  • Roll-to-roll printing process for film-based light-guide
  • Combination of various colors on one light-guide film


  • Can be produced with shorter delivery time and provide LGF design service
  • Outstanding time to volume
  • Lower fixed costs lead to better returns including high-mix/low-volume products
  • Flexibility in picking a variety of materials
  • Freedom of design in terms of shape, dimension, etc.
  • Minimize LED part numbers, inventory level, and management costs

Success Stories: Gigabyte AORUS X5 LGF Logo


  • The design of X5 logo was the combination of mirror and lighting effects. Cymmetrik developed this idea together with customer design team and overcame the shedding problem from 4K panel backlight black screen, adding LED lights to increase Logo glowing level within the limited structural space.


  • To fulfill customer's requirement on A part Logo and also contained growing and mirror effects. Combined LGF with logo and overcame the shedding problem from 4K panel backlight black screen to achieve the uniformity of luminance.
  • The brightness and uniformity luminance of product were better than panel blacklight, we not only helped customer to differentiate the product but also apply this technique to other items.

Success Stories: Razer Shiny Logo


  • The product material was the recombination material recommended by Cymmetrik, which can avoid material deformation during the process. By chaging the tooth marks of CNC, the deformation of material can be improved.


  • Using the recombination material for computer logo could avoid the deformation of the product and the price was lower, also it was easier to use CNC process.
  • To develop spot color ink with ink supplier. The product can show its fluorescent light and color saturation under LED light, to increase the product quality.

Success Stories: FAW Magotan Navigator


  • The product was multi- function car navigation, utilizing the newest touch screen with sceen spots light guide effect to create a glittering quality. The design of arcs at both sides can present the trapezoid shape of the product and user could also enjoy the functions and quality that high class car provided.


  • The process of this product was unique, it was a breakthrough that using black sceen spots printing and matching with white LED light guide effect.
  • The design chose trapezoid shape and the matte materials which can prevent scratches, fingerprints, to present the simple style that customer wanted. 

Success Stories: SonoScape Light-guide Film


  • This product was used with physical buttons, this time we tried using touchscreen buttons, which needed even LED light distribution and had each unit to glow independently.


  • We used professional software to collocate LED pattern, which lower the cost and generate balanced light distribution.
  • The combination of light insulation film and ligh-guide film can solve the lighting problem to accelerate product quality.
  • Lght insulation film can use laser cutting to increase the abrasion resistance.

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