Instrument Panel



  • Multiple surface effect: 3D and 2D artwork
  • Meet abrasion resistance requirements: Prevent sweat marks, fingerprints, abrasions, scratches
  • Soft light: Dashboard light window has diffusion effect


  • Enhance quality of product surface
  • Create multiple patterns or textures
  • Eco-friendly, Halogen free


Success Stories: Citroën Car AC Overlay


  • During the stage of proof, when customer was using high-temperature injection molding, the material shrank which changed the size of product and cause excessive adhesive problems.
  • Cymmetrik discussed, modified, mode tested, size and location holes adjusted with customer RD and finally helped customer to solve the problem.



  • Utilizing screen printing to print color sequence and partly overlapping, to achieve the color and brightness which customer required.
  • This product combined the car application and IMF process to enhance competitiveness of the product.

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