Other CPG Product

Cymmetrik can provide every kind of packaging solutions for consumer packaged goods, such as Stationery/Gift, Clothing, Logistic, Tickets etc. and offer different printing applications.


Stationery/Gift can use general self-adhesive labels, IMLs, ready-to-print tags, protective films, booklet labels and even overlays to apply on appearance or packaging to enhance the visual effect and brand identity, in order to grab consumers' attention.


Musical Instrument

We can provide overlays and general self-adhesive labels to beautify the appearance of instrument in order to highlight the product.



We can provide general printings without adhesive and general self-adhesive labels or customize different printing solutions for tickets.


Distribution & Delivery

The numbers on barcode/serial number labels can be unique, repeat or random, in order to manage quantity, place of origin, sales region of products.



Cymmetrik supports different and diverse printing applications, which can also customize every kinds of product for the use of advertisements.


Industry Applications


Cymmetrik provides clothing tags and labels printing services to deliver product information.


Sport/Fitness Equipment

Cymmetrik can provide every kind of packaging and surface decoration solutions, Includes IMFs, primary or secondary labels, attention/warning labels, barcode/serial number labels, piggy-back labels, overlays to deliver product information and easy for the customers to manage and maintain their products.


Trolley case

Trolley case can use In-Mold Roller(IMR) for enclosure decoration solution. IMR can express artistic graph and achieve abrasion resistance at the same time and provide versatile textures and patterns available to reduce production cost and create product differentiation.


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