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With the sustainability movement sweeping across the globe, many have focused their attention on green power and green transportation.  But the global food supply issue is no less important.  According to a United Nations report, despite food production requiring large amounts of natural resources, a full third of the world's food supply get thrown out over the production, transportation, and consumption processes.  That's around 1.3 billion tons of food a year!  This has massive negative repercussions, socially, environmentally, and economically.  Furthermore, 8~10% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions is related to food waste, making it a significant source of global warming.  There is no time to waste: now is the time to reduce and resolve food waste.
Realizing this, Cymmetrik has devoted significant resources to the research and development of a smart label solution to better help the food industry monitor cold chain transportation processes.  It is to play a crucial role in maintaining food safety and reducing food waste and deterioration, from production, processing, and storage to packaging, handling, wholesaling and retailing.

Cymdicator® The One Look Time Temperature Indicator

Cymmetrik developed its Cymdicator® time temperature indicator to effectively assist in monitoring cold chain efficacy throughout the storage, transportation, and selling processes.  Cymdicator® is able to accurately record instances of food exposure at above-par temperatures—that result in irreversible quality change—and present the record in a way that’s accurate, intuitive, and easy-to-read.  Through such real-time recording, food can be monitored for management even when passing through intermediate terminals, allowing for a comprehensive, integrated cold-chain transportation system that can provide easy tracking over the whole process.


  • Visual tracking with easy source tracing, from start to end.
  • Real-time tracking of exposure periods to guarantee product quality
  • Complete monitoring of storage and transportation process can revealing possible weak links in the transportation chain.

Proud Receiver of Germany's 2023 iF Product Design Award

The iF Design Award, hailed as the “Oscars of the design industry,” is an international design benchmark that points the way to the future of design.  And in its Food Packaging category, Cymmetrik's Cymdicator® smart time temperature indicator label stood out among more than ten-thousand entries worldwide to win the 2023 iF Design Award—a resounding validation of its outstanding R&D, innovation, and product design capabilities.

A brief introduction to our iF Design Award-Winning Product

Motif Design

Can custom-design surface motif.

Monitoring Conditions

Can adjust target temperature and exposure times.

Activation Method

Flexibly adapts to automatic label printers and activation methods.

Cymdicator® Method of Use

Irreversible, easy-to-read visual display shows exposure record even after the product returns to cold storage temperature.

1. Pull down the tab to activate monitoring

  • (>-5℃) Start reaction and color migration
  • (<-5℃) No reaction

2. Record exposure period

  • (>-5℃) Color moves downwards to record exposure
  • (<-5℃) Pause recording

3. End recording

  • Has reached preset conditions
  • Food needs quality verification

Food Safety & Quality Management

With ever more high-quality farm and fish products entering the world market, we see a general reduction in shelf-life, making transportation temperature management ever more important.  It is essential that the entire logistics process is quality assured and temperature controlled, so during cold-chain transport the temperature is often kept at 7℃ or below to inhibit bacteria growth and maintain freshness.  We must avoid bacteria reproduction in food products, as they lead to toxic secretions, rotting, and food safety incidents.


Food Processing Industry: Customized Service (-5℃ / 5℃, 4hr)

Our “one look” time temperature recording solution helps clients find weak links in their shipping process, attain optimal product safety and quality, and ensure zero interruptions throughout their cold-chain transportation and storage.

Food Supply Chain Sample Applications

Frozen Meat


Fresh Seafood


Dairy Products


Fruits and Vegetables


Pro Application: Cymdicator® Custom Combo

  • Customize Your Monitoring Conditions: Set your own temperature range and monitoring period.
  • Customized Your Background Design: Based on product type, packaging style, and brand attributes, we can design a look that's just right for you!
  • Extra Feature: You can also choose Cymmetrik's Anti-Bacteria-Concentrate to create an anti-bacterial barrier on your Cymdicator.
High-End Wines and Liquors

High-End Wines and Liquors

Fancy Flowers

Fancy Flowers

Meat and Seafood

Meat and Seafood

Quality and safety are the 2 critical elements in food industry supply chains.  And in a cold-chain food transportation system, temperature control is all-the-more important—it is the key that directly determines any cold-chain's efficacy.  For fresh farm goods and food products alike, the entire transportation, handover, and storage process must take place in a cold-chain environment to ensure food safety, freshness, and nutrition.  Cymdicator®, the One Look Time Temperature Solution, is the essential tool in maintaining food safety, from bulk packaging to the retail shelf.  It effectively reduces food waste and plays its part, however quietly, in mitigating climate change.

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