Employee Stories

Unforgettable Days - Cymmetrik (Kunshan) Xu Jiaqiang

In the rotary department, I like to observe my colleagues. They are always serious and focused. In the plant area, I also like to watch the colleagues who are passing by in hurry. They always look me back with smile and greeting. In all the activities, I feel passion and vitality from them. This people-oriented harmonious atmosphere brings me a lot of appreciations and gratitude. In the past nine years in Cymmetrik, I have always expected myself to be a better person, to work harder. Reflecting on the past, I can’t help feeling a little bit sad. 
When I was in the cutting department, I learned how to use trademark machine and chopper machine by myself. When I transferred to operate the dyeing machine, I had learned the basic operation of semi-rotary printing press. I have been working and learning step by step to improve and enrich my abilities. My professional skills also got me promotions. I achieved the first goal in my mind: promoted as deputy team leader. After having classes such as TWI training, MTP training, cadre training, Carnegie training and so on, I earned the following promotions: deputy team leader, team leader, deputy vice-supervisor, vice-supervisor, deputy supervisor, and supervisor. During this journey, we had laughter and tears, pains and joy. These are all unforgettable. 
I grew up in Cymmetrik: I’ve got married and through my efforts I own a small but sweet family.
I learned in Cymmetrik: Do things prepared, plan to perform, check to correct, otherwise it will fail!
I became matured in Cymmetrik: I’ve leaded my own group to achieve many goals!
I am inspired by Cymmetrik: In the "people-oriented" business culture, I realized that I have to be grateful, sincere and helpful!

McDonald's Breakfast - Cymmetrik (Taipei) Li Yili

Many years ago, at the beginning when Cymmetrik started to produce IMF products, we worked together with our venders. Initially, the yield rate was quite low and we couldn't deliver our products on time. I still remember, there was once, I went to pick up our products from our vendor at 5 a.m. in the morning. I saw a familiar figure at vendor's factory, which was our General Manager! He was worried about those products could not deliver on time, so he went to the vendor's factory at 4 a.m. He cared a lot about our delivery schedule. And at the beginning, due to the low yield rate, we had to do relay delivery almost every day for 2 to 3 weeks. 
Three days later, when I got into the office in the morning, there was a McDonald's breakfast on my desk. I thought it was from someone who admired me. After I asked people around, the breakfast was from our General Manager! I still remember the excitement and feelings at that moment. 
All the staff from Cymmetrik always carry buffalo spirit, which is persevere and hardworking. All the managers care and consider about their staffs. I think join Cymmetrik would have been a most excellent choice!

Turn the corner - Cymmetrik (Tianjin) Zang Huixiang

20:25. When I was ready to finish the day’s job, a phone ring disturbed me. It was the sales person Mr.Po. It was late and it’s about the time to leave the office, but the client found problems on the products. We needed to replenish 500 pieces right away. If we couldn’t deliver before that night, the client had to stop the assembly line. When I heard the news, my alarm immediately went on. If we didn’t solve the problem in time, it will directly affect the customer's trust and satisfaction with us.
We must arrange the production immediately! When I hang up the phone, It’s already 20:27! According to the loading capacity, there wasn’t any machine can operate tonight. Everyone is ready to leave the office. I quickly went to the screen printing department and told the team leader Mr. Mao this bad news. At that time, I didn’t realize I was running that fast.
After the coordination, Mr. Mao and Mr. Sun who was in charge of chopping decided to stay and work overtime. With their help, we delivered the products to client at 22:14. We didn’t affect client’s production schedule and successfully solve this crisis.
I was touched when I saw everyone sacrificed their personal interests and dedicated it to the company. There is no perfect individual, only the perfect team. The growth and development of the company depends on the joint efforts of all staff. In this big family, when the individual interest has contradiction with company interest, we always choose company’s interest. Only in this way, our company can develop to a high efficient company. Creek can only splash a small spray, but the sea can cause the stormy sea. Therefore, we have to blend into the company and give full play to the role of individuals, only this Cymmetrik can develop to a more power company.

A letter from the interns - Cymmetrik (Chongqing)

The differences between student and employee are responsibilities and obligations. The only thing will remain in same is US. Laughing US.
In the past one month, our feelings had changed from strangers to friends. We had met different people. We got used to here and fell in love with this place. The deepest feeling we had since we came here wasn't the things we had learned or here for a new environment, it was the day when the mentor picked us up at school and brought us to the dormitory. The manager drove us to the station when we were going back. Our mentor led our way to walk us back to the dorm, in order to let us familiar with the environment. And then we found out that she didn’t live in the dorm. In the following days, there were different teachers to give us lectures. During this time, the question they asked us the most was, “Have you get used to here? Is there anything broken in the dorm? If there is, you can just tell us…” These questions seemed like a normal greeting, but it did warm our heart, and make us so happy!
So we also want to say to you, “Thank you! Thank you for your caring and greetings!”