New Great Look, Same Genuine Spirit


50 years ago, when Cymmetrik was but a small company, the founders had one principle only: “Do it right, make it beautiful.”  That is how it got its name, and why its logo is based on the Chinese character for “right and proper.”  In 2007, the company hand-picked the word “symmetric”—for the symbolism and unique beauty of symmetry—combined it with the 4 primary colors of printing: C,M,Y,K, and arrived at its new brand identity: CymMetrik.  It embodies the company's printing foundations, and it incorporates the spirits of integrity, balance, and beauty, upon which the founders formed the company.
For all its 50 years, Cymmetrik has walked the straight and narrow, held fast to its beliefs, and provided excellence in value-added printing and servicing.  Its circular logo, in combination with the Cymmetrik name, has become a unique sigil for the brand and—for its customers—a mark of trust.  As Cymmetrik welcomes its new look, so it welcomes another 50 great years.
Cymmetrik's new logo branding retains the original's symbolic and design elements, improves them with more rounded, more elegant typefacing, and enhances readability with a slight capitalization tweak.  Significantly, it also features the letter C.  This letter C, beyond providing better visual harmony, injects meaning.  Yes, it stands for Cymmetrik, but more importantly, it stands for Customer-Centric—for that is what Cymmetrik has always been, right from the beginning.
In all its 50 years, even through fast changing times, Cymmetrik never stopped marching forward, never stopped believing in putting first its clients’ needs.  In its unrelenting pursuit for excellence in the art and craft of printing, Cymmetrik kept researching, kept innovating, and kept pouring soul into all the colors of the world.  Weaving charm and appeal into every product that comes in, Cymmetrik always does its best to exceed customer expectation.  As this newborn emblem takes its place across the enterprise group, Cymmetrik will continue in its stride, keep faith in its customer-centric ways, and live out its mission to “beautify products, beautify life.