Leadership Visit from Paramount CEO Club Kindled Sparks of Creativivity

Business leaders from the Paramount CEO Club, an innovations exchange platform founded by some of Taiwan's best-known startup entrepreneurs, came to Cymmetrik for a visit just before the end of April.  The event was held in Cymking Space, an open concept meeting room in Cymmetrik Headquarters, 7th floor.  The goal was to understand Cymmetrik's positioning and developmental strategies in printing applications and value-added services, and to create new sparks in innovation through idea exchange.  Paramount CEO Club members primarily consist of CEOs from Taiwan and Greater Southeast Asia who focus on e-Commerce and innovative modes of business.  Through irregular events that involve conversations, exchanges, cross-industry visits, sharing of innovative thinking and business challenges, and through the Club's resource network, members learned and created business opportunities for each other, with each other.
The event began with Alex Mei, General Manager of Cymmetrik, sharing Cymmetrik's vision for new business development.  Internationally, Cymmetrik sees itself bringing manufacturing facilities closer to each location's respective market, developing local business opportunities, and finding suitable business partners.  It also looks to foster teams of young, globally oriented management talents.  Through innovation and speed, Cymmetrik is ready to face tough international competition, step into the future, and bring innovative printing technologies to more consumers around the world, enriching lives as it goes.  Mr. Donald Liao, Assistant General Manager at Cymmetrik's Consumer Packaged Goods Division, followed up with a synopsis on what’s hot in digital packaging.  He went over the various features of digital printing technology and manufacturing processes.  Then he spoke on how Cymmetrik resolved tough sales/distribution problems using UID (Unique Identification) technology, how it created a win-win scenario for brand creators and their partners, and how all that enhanced product values and made for a superlative consumer experience.
After Mr. Liao came Mr. Jack Lin, General Manager at XTrans Creative Inc., one of Cymmetrik's startup subsidiaries.  He shared how XTrans placed its charge generating material onto facial masks using print technology, created the Akimia line of unique microcurrent facial masks, and set a brave new frontier for the modern cosmetics industry.  Over the same period, Tmot Innovations focused on the O2O (online to offline) mode of business, set up a unique ID platform that helped provide targeted selling, and turned sales volume into web traffic volume.  The 2 startups demonstrated application and service possibilities for specialized printing—and inspired an amazing amount of innovative exchange.  Paramount CEO Club members showed high levels of interest in the products and services of these two companies and took serious looks into business partnering possibilities through data analysis, sales, and marketing.
At the dinner event in the evening, Club leaders held extensive discussions with Cymmetrik's Chairman and CEO, respectively, on innovation trends and industry dynamics.  Everyone got to know each other better as they exchanged views and strategies on innovation in today's pandemic crisis, and they searched for future cross-industry partnering possibilities.  Enterprises that were represented in this Paramount CEO Club event include: AppWorks, WeMo, KK Day, Asia Yo, udn, BemoCafe, pickone, CiPU, and UrMART.