Integrating Real and Virtual Worlds, CymMetrik Creates Value the Digital Way with Printed QR Codes

(Editor: Business Next Magazine is currently conducting an in-depth report on CymMetrik's digital market strategy. The following is an abstract of their article.)
“We're more than just printing.”  – Calvin Tsai, Chairman, CymMetrik Group
For the printing house, the moment printing is done may no longer mean the end of the day.
Printing technology has a long and storied history—and a wide array of applications. From flyers and posters to business cards and labels, most business necessities need some form of printing.  But although printing can display branding, show identity, and maintain itself as the de facto tool for sales and marketing, its effectiveness remains difficult to evaluate, even to this day.  In contrast, Internet trading allows one to track consumer purchase patterns through data collection, giving the sales force a way to evaluate the effectiveness of their every effort.  This is the angle from which CymMetrik would cut in, from offline to online.
CymMetrik has been expanding its digital printing capacity since 2013, establishing partnerships along the way.  With QR Code Unique Identification Marking (UID Marking) technology and the unique features it brings, CymMetrik further expanded its range of applications and established a wide variety of solutions, such as marketing, source tracing, O2O, membership, anti-counterfeit certification, and big data analysis.
Traditional offline marketing methods for retail products often involve having consumers mail back cup lids, bottle caps, or paper corner cutoffs.  The more digitally inclined may provide consumers with serial numbers with which they may register online.  But compared to these methods, scanning a QR Code for instant web registration is even more direct, so consumers are more willing to take action.  For example, it used to be that if a vendor ships 200,000 units of a product through physical channels, maybe only 300 consumers will participate—and that might even include the many “filler participants” hired by the vendor!  But now, through QR Code links, the same 200,000 units will garner data from thousands!
This sort of features is why Taihu Brewing chose CymMetrik for its needs.  “It's the Digital Age,” says KA Client Manager Sean Pan, “Nobody mails letters anymore.” For the consumer, every extra step cuts a degree of willingness from participants in prize draws. “We want a very quick way to get it done.”
Something else that made a strong impression with Sean was how working with just CymMetrik solves everything, from label design and QR Code testing all the way to database testing, web site testing, and back-end data analysis.  It hugely reduced the time and cost of communication, not to mention the trouble.
Creating tmot Innovation Inc., a Subsidiary Company that Mines for Back-end Data Applications
Aside from enabling easier data analysis/consolidation for prize draws, QR Codes are also highly valuable for how they can help vendors handle real-time data changes.  For this reason, CymMetrik established a subsidiary company, tmot Innovation Inc., to spearhead its digital world entry.
Tmot Innovation's General Manager, Jack Lin, says QR Codes link to questionnaires and get customers to provide their personal data proactively.  The technology also allows the company to record the number of code scans per day and gain an understanding of their consumers’ web browsing patterns over the past 30 days.  With the data, they’re able to conduct willingness to purchase analyses and cross-comparison analyses, such as on the relationship between code scanning frequency and the display of different ad types.
“In the past, we'd hold an event and not know how much good it has done.  There was no measurement standard and no way of knowing how to make things better.” Jack Lin feels that tmot Innovation has solved the problem of brand vendors being unable to evaluate their events properly.  Now, when launching marketing events, vendors can use data garnered through QR Code scanning to ascertain purchaser location, code scan date and time, purchaser's sex, and so on.  They can even analyze consumer Facebook pages to get better pictures of their clients.
“Old maps can't show new trails.  Only through blazing your own trails can you expand the map and enrich it.” – Calvin Tsai, Chairman, CymMetrik Group
By crossing over to digital printing, CymMetrik makes the transition from selling products to providing solutions.  In this age of big data and virtual-real-world integration, CymMetrik is set to play a pivotal role.