Eyes Steady on Transformation, Cymmetrik Marches on towards Digital Innovation

For its January 2021 issue, CIO IT Magazine features an article entitled, “Cymmetrik's Successful Transformation Ensures Its Long-Term Competitiveness.” It reports on how Cymmetrik, in response to changes in market demands and the greater environment, administered digital transformation to enhance the Group's core competencies. In an interview, Cymmetrik's General Manager, Alex Mei, said that Cymmetrik introduced innovative technologies to effect its transformation and respond to ever-fiercer global competition. Already, the strategy has proven itself in three major capacities: client relationship, operational excellence, and product leadership.
Overcoming Three Major Challenges, Attaining Employee Solidarity
At first, when introducing its new expert systems, Cymmetrik met some obstacles and challenges: it had to foster professional talents, transform conservative thinking, and establish procedures for operation and maintenance. Fortunately, with support from all levels of leadership in endless dialogues, concept conveyance, education and training, incentives and awards, and progress management, Cymmetrik was able to attain solidarity amongst its employees, fulfill its mission on schedule, and forge on in digital transformation.
Using AI and Data Analysis to Maximize the Value of Data
Using tools like AI and data analysis, Cymmetrik turns data into valuable information, provides them to users as impetus or support for decisions and actions, and ultimately creates tangible value, like enhancing effectiveness and efficiency, designing innovative products and services, and developing innovative business models. Digital transformation has allowed Cymmetrik to further optimize its internal operations and management.
Establish Transformative Thinking, Gradually Introduce Digital Implements
In implementing its digital transformation, Cymmetrik recognized, profoundly, that transformation was far more important than digitization. So it combined top-down and bottom-up approaches, tuned them with countless adjustments and corrections, and led every employee on the way to understanding the benefits and importance of digital transformation. The result of such strategic focus and coherent action? The power to move forward.
Capturing the 0-Touch Economy in the Post-Pandemic Period
Though the pandemic shocked enterprises around the globe, Cymmetrik has fortunately taken early measures by fully-integrating cloud support platforms, including Microsoft Office 365, into its operation. By enabling information transfer and staff communication across the Group's many distant locations, this has allowed uninterrupted workflow. In addition, to accommodate the new “0-Touch Economy, 0-Distance Innovation” normality, Cymmetrik has further explored online shopping, consumer trends, digital services, epidemic prevention, health management, and other market opportunities. It has also quickened its paces in updating all relevant products and value-added services, ensuring their leadership positions in the marketplace.
As stated by Mr. Alex Mei, digital transformation is a primary point of focus in Cymmetrik's business strategy, and an important ongoing effort. Cymmetrik see this as a crucial core competency for its future. Responding to market demands and changes in the environment, Cymmetrik will continue to hasten its digital transformation progress and move from “digital optimization” to “digital innovation.”  Building on a foundation of superior business operation and customizing for every client's business model and needs, the company will combine automation, cloud computing, and digital application to achieve ever more effective data analysis and utilization, thus providing valuable references for creating value-added services and for making business decisions.  In doing so, Cymmetrik is set to realize its goals of full global positioning, swift transformation, and new business development.