Cymmetrik's “New Wave in Printing Technology” Symposium Shows Tremendous Energy and Creativity

Print technology is everywhere, surrounding us, fulfilling our lives. Always advancing, it shadows market trends and consumer needs, melding supreme artisanship with boundless creativity. It's a realization of our imagination, and it takes us right into the future—like what took place recently at Cymmetrik HQ, 7th floor, at Cymking Space. There Cymmetrik hosted a symposium-cum-exhibition entitled New Wave in Printing Technology. The event revolved around 3 themes: appearance and ornamentation, printing application, and value-added servicing. Through presentations and live demonstrations, everyone there, including major clients from around the world and throughout the country, experienced firsthand new creative applications and their endless possibilities—made possible by Cymmetrik, with the latest in printing.
Re-advancing Exterior Decoration
  • Re-advanced Nano Imprint Texturing (CMF Solutions)
    To minimize environmental impact, this technique starts with environmental-protection regulation-approved raw materials, moves on with print processing in lieu of spray-inking, and ends with vibrant prints and patterns both extremely sharp and finely detailed, helping clients make all their imaginations come true.
  • Light-guide Film Solutions
    From ornamental components to light-guide films and circuit boards, Cymmetrik fulfills everyone's modularity needs and helps ensure the quality of its clients' module shippings. Its proprietary 3D forming better accommodates mechanism-related spatial limitations and offers a more flexible set of product design parameters.
The New Future of Printing Applications
  • Sustainable Solutions
    Cymmetrik is always on the lookout for sustainable techniques and technologies, both for production and raw material selection. As part of its vision for ever greater sustainability, Cymmetrik prudently selects renewable/recyclable materials, switched all its production to UV ink, and massively reduced its VOCs emission. It utilizes renewable energy for manufacturing and is consistently reducing overall energy use and carbon footprint—to do its part for environmental conservation.
  • Antibacterial Solutions
    Cymmetrik's antibacterial solutions work well with a wide gamut of inks, a variety of manufacturing processes, and products from a wide range of industries. Tested and certified by leading international labs and certification agencies, Cymmetrik offers strong, 99.9% antibacterial protection that combines low volatility with long-term efficacy, to offer consumers the living space anti-bacterial power they need.
  • Medical Equipment & Wound Treatment Solutions
    Now firmly set in the biomedical industry, Cymmetrik has moved beyond print solutions for medical electronic instruments and has integrated its technology platforms for better cross-industry R&D. Today it offers medical equipment and wound treatment solutions, medical dressings, diagnostic testing patches, product design formulae, and more! By providing products consumers can trust, Cymmetrik's foray into medical solutions is now another beacon of success.
Adding More to Our Value-Added Services
  • RFID Solutions
    Cymmetrik has established vertical integration across its hardware and software infrastructures and has integrated RFID Inlay with major international players in the industry, all to provide a seamless, one-stop solution for printing and processing. It offers a complete range of RFID hardware solutions and custom-software development options, giving clients a superlative ecosystem to which they can comfortably connect and transform their databases and applications.
  • Small Business Digital Solutions
    Cymmetrik's small business digital solutions deftly handle short, frequent, quick label orders. Combining UID and variable data printing, these solutions offer supreme adaptability, flexibility, and feasibility—all with easily interchangeable modules. As always, Cymmetrik provides professional technical support to help implement independent on-site manufacturing and management.
Through on-site demonstrations and participant interaction, the New Wave in Printing Technology symposium presented Cymmetrik's latest research results, innovations, and resolve. Helping clients better understand new printing technologies, the symposium advanced the evolution of value-added services and printing applications, and helped both Cymmetrik and its clients grow in this challenging market—for a better future.