Cymmetrik 2023 Ecological Conservation Lecture Series: " The Grateful Little White Crane "

Cymmetrik is promoting a series of activities titled "Green Life Ecological Conservation." The first lecture, held on May 26, featured director Qiu Ming Yuan who shared the story of a lost little white crane on the brink of extinction and its remarkable 6,000-mile journey back home to its habitat in Siberia. Director Qiu has long documented the interaction between Taiwan's land and local culture. His documentary film, " The Grateful Little White Crane," has successfully reached audiences worldwide, earning accolades such as the "Non-Dramatic Program Director Award" and "Editing Award" at the 53rd Golden Bell Awards, as well as the "Parent-Child World Education Innovation Leader" award. Qiu's passionate introduction and the screening of the film deeply moved the participants, making it highly significant in terms of environmental education.
The lecture content delves into Qiu's decision to leave a 17-year public service career to carry on his mother's dream of being a "wildlife photographer." Throughout the process, Qiu has supported his mother's passion for photography and birdwatching. He has organized activities through a non-governmental organization (NGO) to promote rural friendliness and habitat restoration. This involved visiting rural communities both domestically and internationally, conducting field surveys, and engaging in collaborative exchanges. Qiu shares how NGOs connect with the world through local actions and explains the keys to their success and future prospects. The documentary is filled with love for wildlife and showcases how local residents face conflicts between economic development and conservation. It also highlights efforts to convince local elderly farmers to embrace sustainable farming practices. Additionally, it addresses various topics, including the return of young people to their hometowns for rejuvenation. The documentary presents the impact of Jinshan's rural community and local schools on ecological conservation, leading everyone to understand the intricate interaction between Jinshan's little white crane, the local community, environmental ecology, and socio-cultural dimensions.
In this lecture, the organizers implemented a paperless process for registration and satisfaction surveys. We also provided environmentally friendly lunch boxes and utensils, aiming to incorporate the concepts of sustainability, low-carbon, and recycling into all of Cymmetrik's green life activities. We plan to continue organizing a series of ecological conservation lectures and, through related activity designs, encourage colleagues to practice sustainable actions, gathering more strength to contribute to environmental conservation and social care through educational and public welfare initiatives.
Aligned with our commitment to sustainable development, Cymmetrik encourages colleagues to participate in activities related to "Green Life," including environmental conservation and social care. Starting this year, Cymmetrik will focus on the theme of " Bright as Sapphire, Nurtures all Life." We will promote changes in consumer behavior, implement environmental education, and advocate for ecological conservation. Our aim is to protect the harmonious coexistence of the ocean, the environment, and all living beings while addressing the recent international concern for biodiversity. By leveraging internal and external resources, Cymmetrik seeks to have a positive impact on public welfare, working together to safeguard a harmonious future for humanity and nature.