CymMetrik Group's RFID SmartTag Solution Opens the Door to IoT

As technology brings on significant changes to consumer behavior, brand name companies face significant challenges in their business, including how to upgrade or reinvent their manufacturing, logistics and sales processes, and how to fully integrate their online services to consumer offline experience and product delivery.
Bringing the newest UID (Unique Identification) solutions to 2018's Computex Taipei, CymMetrik is the one-stop shop for every brand name company, offering everything from product packaging and applied marketing management to big data analysis.  CymMetrik gives brand name companies the most painless way to connect online to offline: with tagging.
UID Solutions using Digital Cloud Platforms
Taking advantage of digital printing's extensive flexibility and variability, CymMetrik uses the unassuming tag and bestows upon products personality.  In the process it also bestows upon each product unique identifiability, giving every merchandise a unique ID that never repeats.
Much is achieved through integrating QR Codes and UID technology, including brand name anti-counterfeiting, source tracing, sales district protection, dealer management, and marketing.  It establishes a direct relationship with the consumer for one-on-one interactivity, allows real-time cloud-based data monitoring and cross analysis, grants effective use of mass consumer data, and improves overall user experience.  Post sales, the information becomes indispensable reference material for product planning, advert placing, event planning, and marketing.
Please see our video on Unique Identification Marking for more on what CymMetrik's innovative solutions can do for you.
UID Solutions using RFID
CymMetrik provides a complete line of integrated services for its clients, from labels and hardware to software and RFID.  Its tight-knit network of global partners across the entire RFID production chain means access to the most complete ecosystem for its clients.
When one combines RFID to UID, wonderful possibilities spring into being.  In terms of inventory control, UHF RFID's ability to scan multiple items in one pass can significantly enhance stocktaking efficiency and accuracy.  In terms of brand loyalty, brand name companies can use apps and NFC to eliminate intermediaries, interact with consumers directly, cater to consumer preferences, and cultivate brand loyalty.  Furthermore, brands can make use of cutting-edge NFC UID technology, developed by CymMetrik itself, to authenticate software for better after-sales service and better anti-piracy.  With its near 50 years of label printing experience, CymMetrik is ready to provide its clients with professional recommendations on material selection and structural design, help them integrate RFID to their products, and give the products a decisive advantage that bears both function and beauty.
CymMetrik Group's UID solution blows apart past methods of mass producing identical parts, topples existing schools of thought on product design, and brings massive changes to sales and management strategies.  In short, it helps brands move into the age of omni channel retailing—via the most effective means.