CymMetrik Celebrated the Opening of Vietnam Branch


After years of effort in the Greater China Region, CymMetrik progressively emphasizes the market layout in the Non-Chinese speaking Region. Since ASEAN countries are expected to further boost their potential developments, CymMetrik chose Vietnam, where possesses great demographic dividend, high purchasing power and excellent geographical advantage, to officially set up manufacturing base on April 25, 2017, as the first step to enter the ASEAN market. 

CymMetrik has already possessed the service network of Taiwan + China + Hong Kong + the USA + Vietnam in order to further develop the local market requirements and deeply understand the quality standards, customs and transportation, cultural differences in each country and region. CymMetrik also provides the latest and the most convenient services. Through the localization services, CymMetrik can know local market trend in advance, understand customers’ needs and provide optimizing localization services.