Cross-border Innovation and Sustainable Driving: A Visit to Cymmetrik by AMMOT

The "Agricultural Multi-Discipline Management of Technology (AMMOT)," commissioned by the Council of Agriculture (COA) and organized by the Corporate Synergy Development Center (CSD) and Center for Public and Business Administration Education(NCCU CPBAE), aims to cultivate interdisciplinary agricultural talent from an international business perspective. In late August, a delegation from the program visited the headquarters of Cymmetrik. Cymmetrik, originally founded in the field of fruit labeling and closely associated with agriculture, has in recent years continuously ventured into new directions and explored fresh possibilities through technological innovation and expanded applications across various industries. To gain deeper insights into Cymmetrik's experiences in cross-border innovation and ESG development, the NCCU CPBAE arranged this visit to guide participants in injecting more innovative elements into their respective fields and breaking free from traditional thought frameworks.
The visit began with Dr. Alex Mei, General Manager of Business Development, sharing the group's vision for new business development and transformation strategies. This set the stage for how Cymmetrik embarks on its journey of digitalization, innovation, sustainability, and globalization. Manager Devin Tzeng from the Sustainable Development Office further elaborated on Cymmetrik's sustainable development experiences, ranging from international advocacy to market and brand-driven initiatives. Cymmetrik integrates internal and external resources to promote five major sustainability development strategies: green design, green manufacturing, green living, green digital, and green energy, enhancing its sustainable competitiveness and ensuring sustainable business practices.
Dr. Nausicaa Lee, Co-founder of the subsidiary "xTrans," introduced AKIMIA, a cross-disciplinary innovation product that combines expertise in printing, industrial design, and medical engineering—the AKIMIA microcurrent facial mask. Dr. Lee provided in-depth insights into the brand's strategy and its journey in business development. Project Manager Alice Chou from "Cymsiotek" shared how the company focuses on the O2O marketing model, building a UID platform for precision marketing and its application in various scenarios, using RFID and QR CODE as practical examples to provide clients with comprehensive solutions.
Doreen Fang, R&D Manager of the Agriculture Project Team, presented the theme of green agriculture projects. Cymmetrik leverages existing core technology combined with new innovations to create smart plant factories, addressing food-related issues and attaining higher economic value while implementing sustainable carbon reduction initiatives. General Manager Dave Chien from "Cymdesign" shared case studies on how design thinking, user-centric approaches, and the integration of business and technological development efforts are dedicated to creating high-quality, creative green products and solutions, promoting sustainable development in society.
During the visit, participants were given the opportunity to tour Cymmetrik's product exhibition space in Taipei, leaving a profound impression of Cymmetrik's innovative advantages through on-site demonstrations. Through this visit, Cymmetrik and the representatives from various enterprises engaged in cross-border exchanges and shared experiences. The expectation is that, in their respective industries, they will continue to enhance the sustainability and competitiveness of their businesses by injecting more innovative vitality.