Beautifully Cymmetrik, Everyday


A most extraordinary 50 years—from making the most of every ordinary day.
On March 3, 1969, Mr. Yi-Cheng Tsai founded Cymmetrik in Taipei, humbly beginning the Cymmetrik of today.  As the tiny packaging company of 3 grew, it expanded into southern China, eastern China, and the Bohai Sea area, through Sichuan and Chongqing, to central China and northern China, establishing numerous centers of operation for service and production, each integral to the whole.  Never resting on its laurels, it continued by setting up offices in Hong Kong and the USA, entering recently into Southeast Asia with its new production center in Vietnam.  Today, Cymmetrik has evolved into a notable printing conglomerate within the Greater China area.  Trusted across the globe in multiple industries including electronics and consumer chemicals, Cymmetrik prints professional packaging labels and provides applied printing services.
Throughout its 50 years, Cymmetrik kept its head down, kept its feet on the ground, and kept working on what it does best—printing.  As its founder Mr. Tsai so humbly remarked, “Everything that Cymmetrik has achieved can be attributed to gracious blessings and good people: people who saw good in one another, banded together, and gave their best toward a common goal.”  As Cymmetrik continues to expand its horizons, it holds steadfast to its founding spirit and soul: “Do it right, make it beautiful.” and endeavours to bring products to life.  This is what it has always done; this is how it brightens people's lives.