"Quest for the Vast Azure: Whales and Oceans Through the Lens" - Cymmetrik's 2023 Eco Conservation Lecture Series

Cymmetrik is spearheading its green living campaign with the "Eco Conservation Lecture Series" event. On August 11th, the second installment of the series featured Taiwan's pioneering underwater photographer, Ray Chin. From surface-level imagery to capturing up-close encounters with various whale species from around the world, Ray Chin shared over two decades of adventurous experiences tracking the elusive presence of whales. Ray Chin's photography has received accolades including the People's Choice Award at the 2017 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition by the Natural History Museum in the UK, as well as Honorable Mentions at the 2020 IPA International Photography Awards in the Professional Nature-Underwater category. Through Ray Chin's vivid visual works and insights into animal behavior, the importance of marine ecological conservation was profoundly conveyed.
Ray Chin's presentation encompassed the genesis of underwater whale photography, his journeys abroad to master underwater photography techniques, and the manifold challenges encountered during marine photography. He underscored that captivating ecological photography relies not only on technical prowess and equipment but also on the photographer's profound comprehension of animal behavior and cooperation. Through his marine ecological documentation, Ray Chin led the audience into an immersive exploration of the azure oceanic realm, delving into an emotional journey with whales. This voyage of natural beauty discovery also gave rise to a renewed understanding of the "world," redefining perspectives. The participating audience gained valuable insights and takeaways. "Ray Chin's fervor in sharing his work, meticulously documenting the Earth's ecology, and his reverence and humility in the face of nature's grandeur, are common traits among many ecological photographers, and truly commendable," expressed Cymmetrik's Chairman, Calvin Tsai, who not only attended the lecture but also has a passion for photography.
During this lecture, besides continuing the paperless registration and survey processes, low-carbon dining options were provided to uphold the principles of sustainability, low-carbon practices, and plastic reduction. Cymmetrik will continue organizing a series of ecological lecture events, encouraging more colleagues to engage in sustainable actions, amplify impact in areas of environmental conservation and social responsibility, and contribute to public welfare education.
Starting from 2023, Cymmetrik's core theme "Bright as Sapphire, Nurtures all Life." drives change in consumption habits, promotes environmental education, and advocates for ecological conservation. These three pillars unite colleagues in fostering environmental sustainability, caring for ecosystems and societal well-being, expanding corporate social responsibility's influence, safeguarding the ocean-environment symbiosis, and echoing international concerns on biodiversity. The commitment remains steadfast in promoting green living and ecological preservation efforts.