Cymmetrik China Headquarter held family day


On November 1, 2015, Cymmetrik China Headquarter held family day. The venue was selected in Bacheng of Kunshan City. There had beautiful lakes, delicious crabs, fresh air and pleasant environment. When the host announced the beginning of the activities. Everyone started to work together and get busy with barbecue. Everyone was smiling. It didn't take too long to cook the barbecue. After a while, children were all playing together and familiar with each other. There was a game called “Food Competition”. Each table tried their best to cook barbecue. And after the judges tried the contest food, they couldn't stop praising those foods. And next program was distributing gifts to the children. There was nothing happier than receiving gifts, so those children were thrilled. Through this family day, the distance between employees' was shortened and the family could also feel the warm.