Cymmetrik (Yantai) held autumn tour and CSR event in 2015

In the morning of September 19, 2015, employees in Yantai each received a backpack and some snacks, and took the company bus to Cishan to take part in this event. Cishan is a famous mountain in Yantai known for its history and height.
Cishan is divided into Nanfeng (also known as tiger peak), Zhongfeng (also known as peach peak), Beifeng (also known as pomegranate peak), of which the highest is Zhongfeng. Nanfeng has a rich culture, Zhongfeng has astonishing natural scenery, Beifeng has abundant winding flat ridge. At nine o'clock or so, all the staff began to climb one of the more steep peaks. When they were tired, they sat on the roadside to drink water, took a little rest, and waited for others. They motivated each other, even a 4-year-old child did not give up.
At 10:30, all staff reached the peak of Zhongfeng, taking the beautiful view of Cishan. Girls took pictures of themselves. Boys flexed their muscles at the edge of the rocks, as if blending into the toughness of the mountain.
The trip downward was smooth. It took only half an hour to reach the foot. Then began the quiz. Employees lost no time to do a final round of review before taking the questions. Those questions were all about emission reduction and energy conservation. The quiz helped enhance employees’ environmental awareness. At 11:10,participators were divided into 2 groups, and took turns to take the question. Competition was intense. After 3 rounds, winners got the meaning prizes.
Close to twelve o'clock, this autumn tour and CSR event witnessed a successful conclusion!