Cymmetrik (Taipei) held Cymmetrik parent-child day and hiking activities

How long haven't you been gone outdoor?
On July 07, 2015 Cymmetrik headquarters and CymMetrik (Taipei) held 2015 Cymmetrik parent-child day and hiking activities in Bitan. The employees brought their family together and kicked off the event, while enjoying the breeze and sound of birds.
We had set up five checkpoints in Bitan and Meishan. The first checkpoint was registration. Besides taking the activity sheet, there was also a balloon club which was formed by the print-press department. The club members folded many cartoon characters by using balloon, such as: Xiong Da. Everyone loved it. Holding a lovely balloon, employees walked to the hiking trail with their family and observed the insects. Unknowingly, they came to the second checkpoint "energy saving YES or NO". This checkpoint is the quiz contest about energy saving, included how much temperature would the air-conditioning save the most power, how much is the fine without garbage classification. The adults could teach children the concept of energy saving and carbon reducing by chance. The people who answered the right question would receive a reusable bag, which helped to protect the environment. After a break, everyone moved to the third checkpoint “Folklore & Folkgame Challenge”. As the development of technology, many children's entertainment are smart phone, tablet, TV, etc., thus we set up some folk game to let those children enjoy the games their parents played when they were children. And then we came to the forth checkpoint “Circle circle challenge”. Tossing rings is the most famous game in night market and it's a game for parent-children. We hoped it can help to enhance the parent-children relationship. Finally, everyone came to the fifth checkpoint. Everyone received a lunch box to recover and people could also try the poking game. Everyone received a lot of present and went back happily. The total participants of this event were 118 people. This activity could not only let employee be closer to their family and enjoy the nature, but also to understand more about environmental protection.
Nowadays, there are many double-paid families in the society. Parents have busy work and barely have time to accompany their children. They just want to take a good rest at home when there is a holiday. In order to give employees some opportunity to accompany their families, we held the parent-child day, We hoped every employee could have a wonderful Saturday morning and cherish the moment with children. Do not miss any chance to accompany with children.