Cymmetrik (Shenzhen) started staff children summer classes

On July 20, 2015 Cymmetrik (Shenzhen) started children summer classes for employees. The classes started from July 18 - August 17, with total 35 students. We solve the employees' problem that most of their children have to be left behind in hometown during the summer time and cause education and safety problem. These left behind children could also learn calligraphy, dancing, chess and other extracurricular training classes in Shenzhen and we also prepared many cultural activities, like visiting Shenzhen University, enjoying wonderful artistic programs, visiting dancing lion base to know more about Chinese traditional culture and to watch and participate the lion dance performances, visiting the ancient village of Fuyong to understanding the history. We also had safety education classes to teach children how to protect themselves. 
Through these activities, these left-behind children could spend more time with their parents during the summer and enhance children and parents' relationship.