Cymmetrik (Shanghai) participated in Xu Jing town "fun sports" contest

To raise people's health awareness and help them develop habits to exercise regularly, Xu Jing town responded swiftly to the idea of “exercise an hour daily, work with good health, and enjoy life” and hosted the 2015 fun sports activities. Staff in this town enjoyed a richer life. They bonded with one another and gained better health. They showed great team spirit and a sense of honor as team members. Employees were untied and work more happily in a harmonious atmosphere. Cymmetrik (Shanghai) also encouraged its staff to take part in similar activities in response to the positive results of Xu Jing's activities.
Union organizations of almost 30 enterprises (including the town area of sole proprietorship, foreign investment, private enterprises) took part in the activities. At 8:30 am, October 31, 2015 (Saturday), activities in the town of Xu Jing Town Sports Center were officially launched, Shanghai factory participated in five activities: darts, jump rope, fixed-point shooting, two three-legged running, rolling bowling, A total of 16 people participated (each event allowed a maximum of 6 players, and must include men and women both), the scores of the 6 players were put together as a group and the groups were then thus ranked. Participants worked together and swiftly adjusted their tactics. They used the pre-game time to familiarize themselves with the venue and practice. Cymmetrik (Shanghai) won the second place in basketball shooting, the fourth place in two three-legged running and the sixth place in overall group performance.
During this activity, the staff participated well in collective activities. They exercised and, more importantly, enhanced the organization's cohesion and communication.