Cymmetrik (Shanghai) held a price-gaining quiz event

To encourage the staff to preserve resources, increase environmental protection awareness, realize energy-saving emission reduction, develop low-carbon lifestyle habits, and highlight on the importance of energy-saving emission reduction, Cymmetrik (Shanghai) decided to carry out simple changes to create a good work and living atmosphere. From July 20, 2015 to July 22, 2015 a price-gaining quiz event on energy-saving and emission reduction was to be held.
Before the event, the GM would make and put posters on staff canteen, dormitory doors. Preparation included: promotional videos on environmental protection, public service ads and tips on energy conservation and emission reduction. The TV in staff canteen would be rolling on the event, broadcasting the quiz questions and answers.
In the quiz event, every staff could take his/her turn to participate. The prizes would be offered in three categories A/B/C, and a participation prize. Employees drew a question from a paper tube and gave the answer. If the first question he/she drew was correctly answered, he/she could move on to the next one. Otherwise, he/she could only go so far and claim the participation prize. If the second question was correctly answered, he/she could claim prize B or move on to the third question, in which case a further wrong answer led him/her to prize C and a further correct one prize A.
Many participated in this event. To be exact, 315 took part in. 56 claimed prize A, 94 prize B, 64 prize C, 101 participation prize. Employees learned more about the importance of cutting emission and conserving energy. The event was a great success.